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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments In Los Angeles

February 29, 2012

Donna asks…

Questions about moving to Denver, Colorado?

I’m considering moving to Denver, Colorado. I have a few questions.

What’s the average price for a studio apartment? In Los Angeles $1,200 is starting rate. I’m looking for cheaper than that. Mind you just a studio apartment for a single male who will not be bringing any furniture with this move.

Does one need a car? Can I get around Denver without a car (although I do have one, I hate driving). How’s the bus and/or train system?

Job Market. How’s the job market in Denver in the administrative field?

Weather: How often does it snow and how hard is the snow? I’m looking for a cold weather enviroment. I love to be freezing cold!

Whats the average heating bill in Denver?

I know I asked a ton of questions. I’m scoping a new area to move. I hear Denver is expensive but I can’t imagine it being more expensive than Los Angeles.

Administrator answers:

Hello! And yay to you for considering Colorado as your destination! It’s a beautiful state that offers so much.

Depending on the area you intend to move to, housing will probably run you around $700-900. LoDo (downtown Denver) is steep, so if you can avoid that area, best be it.

Mass transportation in the city isn’t the greatest, but it’s getting better. They are currently building a train system that parallels I-25 (the big interstate through town). They’ve been working on that for a few years and it’s helped tremedously. There are a lot of hiking trails throughout the city. Many people I know like to take some nice walks/runs (etc) during lunch or after work.

The job market is decent. Colorado’s rate of growth right now is massive so you shouldn’t have too difficult of a time finding anything.

Snow’s a little unpredictable. It doesn’t snow as much as the rest of the country thinks it does around here. We don’t live in a snowy winter wonderland in the cold months of the year. If we’re lucky, it will snow once, perhaps twice a week. And usually the snow melts off before another storm hits. Albeit, it does get cold. We’ll have a couple solid weeks of below 0 temperatures. No snow then though! It’s too cold for it. It has to warm up a bit for the snow to start falling. Average temperatures around here in the winter are in the 30° to 40°’s.

Heating depends on how well you take care of you place. It you properly insulate your attic, windows, etc. I also have a wood burning fireplace that brings down the price of my heating bill considerable. (That is, on the days we can use it!)

I’d be happy to help you out with any other questions if you have them. Email me if you like! Denver is a great city, as far as big cities go! There’s so much to see and do. And the other poster is right, it’s a very cultural town. And they do love their sports. And John Elway will always be a legend in this town!

Sandra asks…

hi i need some opinions on an apartment.?

Hi im considering moving into the Charleston apartment in Los Angeles,CA (729 South Union Avenue) around august time frame. Are these apartments good? It says they are doing muliti million dollar renovations and i wanted to go there cuz they have cheap studios so i can save money. Has anyone lived here before? If so how was ur experience? Thanks for the help.

Administrator answers:

The Charleston Apts. Were built in 1924, as a Hotel/Motel with apts. It is probably a 4-story building without parking. I have no information as to a multi-million dollar renovation and only a personal inspection would disclose what they really did. I recommend that you make an appointment with the manager and inspect the apartments offered, as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

One of the problems that I see is the fact that this is a poor, low income, low education level neighborhood. Its median household income is a very low amount of only $19,000 (vs. $55,000 for LA county). The average age is 29 years and only 7% of all residents hold a college degree (vs. About 30% for all of LA county). The crime level is about 1.5 times the county average. Here are some statistical charts for that area:

Who says that I don’t like statistics? Good luck in you apartment hunt.

Paul asks…

CHEAPEST place to live in LA?

Where is it the cheapest/safest to live in the Los Angeles area? Think studio apartment. 1 or 2 people. I don’t care if the insides a mess, as long as everything is working and sanitary +no bugs. I can fix the rest myself.
hmm….. cheapest but not in the ghetto?

Administrator answers:

First, If Obviousman has already posted an answer, pay close attention to it.

If you are planning to move to LA and want a recommendation where to live, someplace safe, cheap and with interesting things to do, remember that cheap by LA standards is still horridly expensive by mid-western standards. LA is cheap only compared to New York City or San Francisco.

As to choosing an area to live, if you do that before getting a job, the job you eventually find will likely be a 2 hour commute from where you chose to live.

In LA you ALWAYS figure out where you are going to work or school first and then you ask people there what are the good areas within 5-10 miles of that place. When you have a metropolitan area over 5000 square miles, to choose a place without knowing where you will work is sheer folly.

And if you do not have a job lined up before you come, remember the unemployment rate is over 12% in the LA area and over 20% of young people with only a high school education. If you come here without a job already lined up, you will become a homeless person quite rapidly.

Also be aware that the bad areas of LA are less than 10% of the total greater LA area. You can tell these areas as most of the homes will have bars on their windows. The worst part is approximately the area east and north of the 405 freeway, west of the 710 and south of the 10. The next worst is north of the 5, south of the 10 and west of the 605 freeways. There are still some good areas in within these boundaries and some bad ones outside of them (parts of Van Nuys) but these two zones have about 85% of all of LA’s bad areas. Outside of these areas, unless you see bars a lot of house windows, you will be OK.

Chris asks…

roach infestation problem?

my studio apartment in los angeles is infested with lots of roaches. i was wondering if i should move out or call an exterminator. if so can u guys give me a good and cheap company in la. thanx

and when i mean lots i mean more than 10 or 20

Administrator answers:

You might not need an exterminator if you follow these simple procedures
Clean out your Apartment while sealing holes cracks crevices.Then use pyrithrin spray that leaves a residue

Steven asks…

Does anyone have any advice on planning an elegant (and cheap) bridal shower in the LA/ OC area?

So here’s the deal…
My friend and I are (finally) graduating college this year! I’m headed to grad school (hence, I’m on a TIGHT budget), and she’s getting married.
I’m trying to plan a nice bridal shower for her, but I’m all out of ideas. I’d love to do something small at home, but I live in a small studio apartment and can’t really accommodate more than 5 people. I also thought of doing an afternoon tea at a hotel or teahouse, but at $20- $50 per person, that adds up quickly.
She lives near Laguna Nigel and we both attend school near downtown Los Angeles, so anywhere around those places would be nice.
Please help! I feel completely lost! She’s my first friend to get married, so I’m VERY new at this!

Administrator answers:

Does her mom live in the area? Any other friends? You could always ask one of them if you could use their home. If it is a nice day you could always have it in a city park. You could rent a couple of the park tables, get some nice table clothes, decorations…you can ask some people to help out with the food…

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