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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nyc For Rent

September 30, 2012

Maria asks…

Dads needs money for dogs surgery, sister needs money for eviction, mom wants money for car. Am I a bank?!?

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I am 26 and live at home with my mother. (She moved into my grandfathers 2 family house so her rent is super cheap for NYC) She has been struggling for quite some time now and even though I pay half the rent she still has trouble making her part. I tried to move about a month ago and my gramps gave me a few thousand to get settled. Turns out the apartment had bed bugs so I never ended up not moving in. My mother was thrilled about that because her cash cow meal ticket (ME) was sticking around a little longer. Anyway my grandfather said I could keep the money because he knows I’ll find another place.

Now since I’ve been sitting on this money (and still paying my mother rent btw which is another issue because how am I supposed to save if I have to pay her until the day I move) everyone has been asking me for money. My father asked me for 1000 bucks so our family dog (that is now his dog since my parents divorced) could have a pyometra surgery. It was clear he had no way to pay and even though I hesitated I didn’t want her to die so I gave him the money. Now my mother is asking for a few hundred so she can get a used car for her bday which was last week. I already gave her 100 bucks. My sister comes home and has a marshalls notice on her door and she’s saying she only owes 200 which has to be a lie. I’m sure it’s way more. She hasn’t asked yet but I’m sure she will. Either that or she will try to dip into the joint account that my grandfather has as a savings for us since we were kids. We are getting older and my gramps won’t be around forever to put money in it so I have started added a little money to the saving every pay period in addition to my own savings. But I don’t want my sister dipping in when she’s not contributing. I know this is a looooong incoherent rant. But I am just so frustrated. What do I do about these mooches in my life?

I mentioned to my grandfather that my dad asked me for money and he blew up. So I didn’t even tell him that I actually gave him the money. I’m sure I’ll never see a red cent of that money. How do I get away from them? I just want to be left alone. Saying NO isn’t enough.

Administrator answers:

Yes, saying NO is enough. Say NO. And then stick to it. Don’t pay attention to the whining, wheedling, and crying.

If these people need money, they are adults and can find ways to earn money on their own.

Stop putting money into that joint account ASAP. Put any future personal savings into your OWN account that no one else can access.

It is NOT your job to take care of your deadbeat family.

The only way to make them stop is to stop enabling them.

Carol asks…

How much money do I need to save up in order to move?

How much money is enough to move out of my folks house?? Ideally, I would like to have 3-6months worth of rent just so it gives me enough time to find a job if I do not have one.

I have been living with my parents now for a year since I graduated college. I want to move out and get my own place. The only thing prohibiting me from doing so is my finances. I started saving my money now that I have been working. If I want to relocate to have an apartment or condo, how much should I save up?

I would want to live in a nearby city. NYC is too expensive, I would rather stay in my area since I do not have much money. Therefore, a city that is not too far away like Philadelphia or even parts of North Jersey intrigue me. The cheapest rent $1000/mo where I currently live so I would have to relocate!!
Transportation is a major issue, I dont own a car so should I save and get a car first or save and relocate first?
Bills/Rent, travel expenses (to relocate) and transportation as well as food has to be included….
You guys gave great answers, this is going to be a hard decision for sure…the reason I want to move out is because yes I want independence as well as a chance to live life on my own. My parents are extremely strict its just getting to be too much for me. It already has been but now that I work, I pay them money to stay here and I still dont have liberties that I should…
Btw, I have no interest in living in NYC unless someone else is paying! No way I could afford that. When I said $1,000/mo I was referring to a small 1 bdr apt. not a lavish apt or condo hence not planning to live that way. I just want something decent not super nice just livable. So I guess I would get my car first…!?

Administrator answers:

Well, this is a tough one, but since I know a little about you from our IMs and previous questions it’s a little easier to answer.

First off, I recently checked out north NJ rents, and while I havent seen the apts and dont know how close they are 2 bus/rail lines, shopping etc. They are running anywhere from $700-$1,000 for the cheapies. So, firgure about $6 thousand for the first 3 months, as you will have security deposit, first and last months rent, utilitys, etc.

Food is a personal expense and can vary greatly depending on if you eat every meal, eat out or cook at home. A safe estimate would be $200 a month minimum.

Sadly, cars in your age group are a huge expense, because of insurance. And I’m sure insurance is higher on the east coast because of population density. I know I wouldnt want to drive in NYC. I had enough trouble when I went to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Figure minimum of $3 grand for a dependable used car, and whatever insurance is in your area.

I think you would really have to consider a roommate to start. I know you don’t really get along with your brother or I would suggest him. But he may give you some honest answers about cost of living……

I also think you will need the job to save up as well as move out.

George asks…

living costs in new york city?

I am moving to nyc in a few months. I’m going to be making peanuts. About 32k a year. I was wondering how cheap I could rent a room for from another tenant of an apartment or a condo. Or what would the usual sublet room run?

Administrator answers:

It depends in which neighborhood and borough the place is located. It could vary from 200 bucks a week up to 450+ bucks a week. I’ve seen some for even 150 (in bad neighborhoods). That is just for a room. I guess it will be more if you want a roommate to rent an apartment, ya would have to split the rent in half which is pretty expensive.

Joseph asks…

I received a lease renewal form(RTP-8)from landlord but we never had an original lease. Is this “lease” valid?

I’ve been living in the same apartment in NYC for over 20 years. When i first arrived here, we never had any lease. The rent was cheap (because the whole place was falling apart) and stable since 2006 when my landlord gave me a lease renewal form (RTP-8), which it states that “this renewal lease is based on the same terms and condition as your expiring lease”. It doesn’t make sense because we never had any prior lease. Also, on this renewal lease form, there isn’t much stuff about any guidance when and what happens if either party breaks the lease. So based on the facts above, would this lease be invalid?

I have been thinking of moving out but I’m currently in 5 of 24 months to the “lease” i’ve signed on the (RTP-8) form. If i happened to move out before this period ends, would I be liable for early termination?

Administrator answers:

Yes. It is valid and must sign or he can ask you to leave within 60days.

Jenny asks…

How much would it cost to rent a low-quality tiny apartment in Manhattan? …and in the surrounding buroughs?

I’d like to live in NYC for awhile, but I don’t have a ton of money to spend on an apartment. On the other hand, I’m VERY unpicky. I don’t need much space at all (I even lived in my car for several months as I roamed the country, and enjoyed it), and I don’t care about an apartment being “nice” either. If I can sleep there, cook there, shower there, and not get repeatedly mugged there, it’s just fine.

So, how much would a relatively cheap place like this cost in Manhattan? How about in the surrounding buroughs (within a subway ride of Manhattan)?


Administrator answers:

You and everyone else wants to live here.
New York is very expensive!
-Bronx; $800 and up
- Manhattan; $2,000 and up
-Brooklyn; $1600 and up
-Staten Island; $1,000 and up
- Queens; $1200 and up

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