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Your Questions About Apartments For Cheap In Los Angeles

January 31, 2013

Maria asks…

Is living in Los Angeles really that expensive?

I know everyone freaks out about it, but I’ve looked (and looked and looked and looked) online at apartments and I’ve found some for as low as $650. Do things cost more there? Is it easy to get by? Especially for two girls fresh out of college?

Administrator answers:

Yes its not cheap to live in Los Angeles, but its much easier with a room mate. But if you want to live in a nice area that reasonably close to the beach you will each be paying 650 a month plus utilities. Only further inland can you find cheaper rent or in really bad parts of town. Its easy to get buy as long as your income is fairly sufficient. Check out the link below and you will get a pretty good idea of how much you and your friend will have to pay. By the way, this is probably the best site to use for finding a place to live in L.A. Good luck.


Lisa asks…

cheap and safe places to live in los angeles?

hi, im looking for a cheap and safe place to live in los angeles. i am currently working on $15 an hour and would like to be close to the city. could you please state the areas you would recommend and why? thanks!

Administrator answers:

You don’t say where you work. Glendale, Pasadena and Burbank if your work is relatively close. Why? Because you might find something in your budget and they have safe neighborhoods. They are generally very nice cities to live in. You might be able to find a studio apartment for $800, or a one bedroom for $1100, but it might take a lot of looking. If you work on the Westside, then maybe some neighborhoods in West LA, and Culver City/Palms, but it will cost you more. On the Westside, a single in an ok area may cost you $1000+.

General LA safety info, in some of the larger cities, the ratings do not reflect the safest, or most sketchy neighborhoods. Http://

Good luck!

Ken asks…

How Much Money Do I Need to Move to Los Angeles?

I plan on moving to Los Angeles in June/July of next year. I’ve been looking for over a year and studying the city and places and all that and I’ve found some pretty good looking apartments in nice neighborhoods for around $700-$1400 a month. $700 being for a studio or one bedroom and $1400 for a two bedroom, I’m hoping to get a roommate when I get out there or before I get out there.

I willing to live with the bare minimums for a while when i get there..i heard that goodwill is a good place to find furniture. I will most likely have a Toyota Prius by the time i move out there or another hybrid car because of gas and the only other thing I’m bringing with me besides that will be clothes, a $60 a month cell phone bill, and $106 a month car insurance payment…which I will probably have a few months already paid for in advance.

I am a pharmacy technician here in Tuscaloosa, AL making $9.50/hr and hope I can find another pharmacy technician job in LA once soon after I get there.
Oh and I will most likely be living in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, or Century City.

Administrator answers:

Good luck…not being rude…I’m just saying that people don’t move here because it’s so reasonable. Even groceries and car insurance are more expensive here. Hope you find a place you like. (Try IKEA in Burbank or O.C. For cheaper furniture.)

Sandy asks…

Which one of these cities is cheapest to live in?

I know none of them are actually “cheap” but which is the cheapest out of these in terms of living: Chicago, Los Angeles, or Miami?

(only answer if you really know and no silly answers please)

I want to move to one of these cities because Manhattan is getting too expensive.

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you look it up on and see which has the lowest apartment rental costs.

I’m going to take a wild guess that Chicago would be cheapest. Anytime you look at big cities, you;re going to incur a large living cost. Why not try moving to a smaller city?

Miami you have got to be careful about. There is a rich side and a poor side, and you definitely do not want to live in the poor side as it has a very high crime rate as well as drugs. This is more true about Miami than any other city.

LA is freakishly expensive. Definitely try looking to smaller towns if you want to lower your cost of living.

Ruth asks…

Moving across country, how much money will it cost?

Moving next June (2012) to Boston MA, from Los Angeles CA.

Getting rid of/selling ALL big furniture, and planning on shipping books, clothes, and computers to our new apartment out in Boston.

Going to drive across country in car.

How much should we have saved up by June 2012 to make this possible?

Administrator answers:

Without knowing exactly how much stuff you are moving it is difficult to give an exact estimate.
But using the tool at to calculate the cost of moving from LA to Boston it would appear to be about $3,000 including tips and insurance and having the movers do all the packing. If you do a lot of the work yourself then obviously it would be cheaper. I just used the basis of moving a Studio Apartment.

You might want to play around with the figures to get an estimate that better matches of your situation. There are many options you can select depending on your circumstances, like including full packing service, tips and insurance. It is not linked to any moving company so it a very independent estimate.

I hope that helps. I would love to live in Boston.
Good luck with your move.

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