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February 28, 2013

Charles asks…

Any Extended-Stay Hotels or Cheap Apartments in the Universal area of Orlando, Florida on the bus line?

I am 18 years old, and going to live in Orlando, Florida June-August. I will be working at the Portofino Bay Hotel, and I need to find a cheap apartment or extended stay hotel. I found one extended stay hotel on Major Boulevard called InTown Suites, does anyone know if this is a good place to stay? It’s $190 a week with everything included. If anyone knows of any good places to stay in this area please let me know.

Administrator answers:

Its not a bad area to stay in actually its right across from Universal Studios and where you will be working but if i was you i would see if someone was looking for a short term roommate i think you would make out much better that way check on Craigslist

Joseph asks…

Can I get a student loan to help pay for a cheap apartment?

I’m trying to move downtown closer to my college, and if I get a cheap apartment can I use a student loan to pay for just the rent? And how would I get the loan?

Administrator answers:

Some student loans go strait to you like the Wells Fargo Education Connection® Loan its go strait to you and not your school, might want to contact wells fargo if you can use it on off campus housing, you most likely can.

Betty asks…

Where can i find a cheap place to live in southern florida?

I’m from New York, go to school in Florida (Tampa area) i’m switching schools so i’ll be living in Boca Raton now. I need to find a cheap apartment somewhere in between Boca and Pembroke Pines (Thats where my job will be) Pembroke Pines is right near Hollywood. I’m desperate everything seems SO expensive. Is there anywhere in the $500-600 range?? Help!

Administrator answers:

You are in an expensive area. You might want to see if you can rent for a few months from someone who has an apartment who does not use it until the winter or one that is for sale and no one is living in it to give yourself time to find something affordable. I suggest you talk to a real estate broker and see if you can rent something until November.

Donna asks…

What are the cheapest apartments in detroit?

Where are they and how much? I’m aware of the crime situation, but it doesn’t bother me. I just want to know how much the cheapest apartments are in the city.

Administrator answers:

There are a variety of abandoned buildings that you can live in for cheap.

Lizzie asks…

what is the best website for finding a great apartment?

I am moving to the zip code of 28273 and I need to find a super cheap apartment where criminal activity is minimal. I need a website to help me discover that.

Administrator answers:

I think, is a great site to find apartments, but you should check out Craigslist, as well.

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