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Your Questions About Duplex Plans

March 31, 2013

Helen asks…

What do you need in a standard electric drum set?

What’s in a standard electric drum set? Do you need like amps and such. I plan on buying a drum set soon but i fear a acoustic drum set will not fit in my room. (I live in a Duplex) The people next door do not mind! and if its in the wrong category im sorry

Administrator answers:

Most folks just use headphones. It takes really good amplification to make the drums sound as good as a $100 pair of headphones would. Here are a few amps if you want to check them out. None of the electronic kits come with an amp to my knowledge and I’ve looked at many of them. But honestly, an acoustic set doesn’t really have a much bigger footprint than an electronic kit.


Charles asks…

Can you burn out fuses on purpose w/o creating fire hazard?

My upstairs neighbor’s son (we live in the bottom of a duplex) turns up his subwoofer really loud. We have called the cops and the landlord wrote her a letter and we call almost every day to ask him to turn it down and it is still on all the time. I know the neighbor does not have money and if I call the cops more, she will get fined. She is nice and I do not want to cost her money. But I do not want the landlord to make her kick out her own son, either. But the son is very rude to her and does not listen when she asks him to turn the music down.
So I have a plan. If the fuses (his room has its own fuse) burned out every time he turns on the subwoofer, he will probably not use it as much. So we were going to go change out his fuses with burnt ones every time he turns on the subwoofer.
So we will probably need a lot of burnt out fuses, since it may take a while for him to figure out that they burn out when the subwoofer is on.

So how do we amass a collection of burnt fuses?


Administrator answers:

I will tell you how to blow the fuse on one condition that you set your computer to play tones out the speakers that are annoying at three in the morning and piss him off for a while tell him its therapy that is prescribed by a doctor . Really i had this annoying neighbor to move out by playing Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon all day on repeat for a week during the while i was at work.

If your neighbor has fuses so don’t you, just cross a wire and it will blow your fuse and there you go.

Richard asks…

Should I Invite My Next Door Neighbors To My Halloween Party?

Hey. I was planning a Halloween Party at my house in October for all our friends. and i was thinking of inviting the next door neighbors. We live in a duplex like set up. We have made small conversation with them occasionally in passing. They seem nice. Would it be appropriate if i Invited them to the party? Or do you think they would think its weird, since we arn’t close friends? what do you think. Would You?

Administrator answers:

It’s ALWAYS approriate to invite neighbors to a party. Especially if you aren’t particularly close. If the party’s loud, or if it’s late..if parrked cars are blocking them in..for all those reasons, you should INVITE THEM to the party..they’ll be far less cranky re: any party problems if they’re invited. Yes.

Mandy asks…

How to use full-duplex transceiver with a microcontroller?

I am planning to build something that will use a microcontroller with a full-duplex transceiver to comunicate with another transceiver.
First of all: is it possible to connect a transceiver with a microcontroller? Case yes, are there any limitations?
And, regardless of which transceiver I use, how can I know the C code to use to access the transceiver from the microcontroller?

Obs.: C code because I plan on using an AVR microcontroller, which uses compiled C code.

Administrator answers:

You are basically trying to make a repeater. See for some useful hints on hardware, control and software.

Sandra asks…

What is the best major for a entrepreneur/investor looking to deal with real estate?

I am transferring from a local community college to Arkansas State University Jonesboro with around 50 hours of my basic courses. I would like to have my major set in stone by then but I’m currently at a loss.
Because of my special ability to make money without working traditional jobs everyone tells me to major in Business. So thats the plan right now. I love helping people so I was hoping to learn more about becoming a financial adviser. I just don’t want to be in a situation where it takes years to make decent money.

I want to use my investment skills in the real estate market asap. But I need a reliable decent paying job to begin how I would like. I’m currently under the Finance degree route, but I’m afraid that it will be too broad for me to land a good job out of college.

So should I continue with a business degree? More specifically for someone wanting to own duplexes/ trailer parks/flip property would a finance degree/w business minor be the best option?

Thanks all.
Thanks for both of yours answers but I need a little more help. I realize that I do not actually need a degree to work in the real estate field, but I do want a decent paying job fairly quick out of college.I want to make 30k/yr pretty quick out of college save up money and buy a duplex or rental unit of any type. Pay this off asap then buy another and so on. Just a basic strategy that should work since I’m a single young person. I know that a finance degree will eventually help me in anything related to business, but I do not want to be stuck in a situation where I cannot find a job with a degree in Finance. Also I am not dropping out. I want a four year degree to keep graduate school & political interest in the future open.

So the question is- How confident can I be in landing a decent landing job out of college with a degree in finance? Or should I get a degree that guarantees me a job completely unrelated and just read books about real estate?

Administrator answers:

You sound a lot like me…

I went the same route as you: Got a finance degree, bought a duplex in college, pulled equity out two years later and bought a fourplex, got a job after college helping entrepreneurs and startups with angel investments and now I work as a business consultant and I own a couple of businesses myself.

So…from my perspective, you seem to be on the right track with real estate. It is a good investment especially if you can live there for two years when you purchase it. Owner occupied properties have lower down payment and longer loan terms so long as they are 4 units or less.

Regarding the degree…Finance is by far the best degree if you are interested in real estate. Analyzing cash flows, figuring “net present value” and capitalization rates are imperative to making sound investment decisions that will make you a profit.

The problem I have found with a finance degree is not that it is too broad, the problem is that the workplace views people with accounting degrees as more suitable for financial analysis positions than people with finance degrees.

I know that sounds crazy, and to a large part it is… People who have been trained to read and interpret financial statements do it better than people who have been trained as bean counters. Finance is a relatively new field so I believe over time it will become more accepted and better for graduates of the program.

Until then, my advice is stick with the Finance degree but add in an accounting minor or even double major with accounting/finance (then you can sit for your CPA). You will never regret taking those extra classes when it comes time to apply and interview.

Regarding a “good paying job” 30K a year shouldn’t be a problem (depending on where you live). In 2002 I made 29K a year starting, after two years I was up to 36K, then I transfered jobs/markets and now I make 52K (but I also got an MBA).

Good Luck
Mr. BizPlan

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