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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nyc

April 30, 2013

Betty asks…

How much is an apartment in NYC?

What areas are good, and about how much for a decent size apartment or condo. You can rent out condo’s right. What are some good companies/businesses or jobs that are in demand in NYC. Thinking about doing a few things that would give me flexibility and hopefully earn something from my writing/journalism psychn degree and maybe start my own business

Are the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn etc safe or are there parts of these burroughs that are safe. I don’t want to live in the ghetto or

Administrator answers:

The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn – those are all BIG places. Some parts are great. Some are lousy.

It really is a trade off, between what kind of neighborhood you’re looking for, how much you can afford to spend, how close you want to live to the center of it all, how much room you want (let’s put that another way – how LITTLE room can you put up with), whether you can deal with roommates. And how far you’re willing to travel to work or school.

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. When I came here over 25 years ago, it wasn’t yet that expensive. Today, the prices are like Manhattan prices, or almost, anyway. But it’s a great place to live. I moved out here when it wasn’t that convenient yet, but it was cheap and lovely. Today, it’s more convenient (more things have come out here) and it’s expensive, but it’s still lovely. You have to decide what you are looking for.

George asks…

Is their still a large black population in Harlem or is it now mostly Hispanics and Whites?

Harlem has always been a centre of African-American culture, so I’ve been disappointed to learn the black population has been decreasing rapidly for awhile now. East Harlem was a Hispanic area but it now seems they are the majority in Harlem. I know Central Harlem still has a black population I’m just wondering approximately how many? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Central Harlem is still as much as 70-80% black, the highest percentage in NYC for a black community. The new condos are very expensive and a new mix demographic fill these buildings.

HOWEVER, Central Harlem is still a low income area. The area has a high poverty rate. It’s unfortunate that the new construction isn’t for long time Harlemites.

If you are low-income, you can apply for the housing projects. Coming from Australia some things might be a shock. People smoking marijuana on project benches, gangs, etc.

The tenements (old shabby apartment buldings) are still cheap as *new* (white) people generally do not flock to them. However, people are holding onto their apartments and it may be hard to find an opening.

The cheapest areas of NYC: housing projects if u can get accepted, South Bronx, East Elmhurt Queens, low income parts of Jamaica Queens, East New York Brooklyn, Brownsville Brooklyn etc

East Harlem, known as El Barrio, lies east of central harlem and is known for its large Hispanic population. HOWEVER, the black population lies around 35-40% of the area. You may want to look here. However, known that many of these relatively cheaper areas have high violent crime rates

Another thing about Harlem is that these new people will tell you its pretty safe. But if you are living a hood life and have friends in the projects and tenements, you known that its not the best environment for a child to grow up in…. The new people form a virtually completely separate community

hope this helps!

ALSO do not look at the Hispanic and Black population as completely separate. In East Harlem the two groups live as one and relate to each other as the majority of these people are going through the same struggle. Most hispanic kids (puerto ricans and dominicans) assimilate into a culture heavily influenced by African American culture

Richard asks…

Moving to Gainesville Florida for college U of F, are there any jobs?

How is it living there and what’s the environment like? Is the nightlife good for a 23 year old. I’m only gone be there for a year so which is the best apts and the gated ones.

Administrator answers:

You are going to love it there. There is lots of night life and any kind of restaurant and shopping you can think of. Football is huge and the town is packed tighter than NYC on home game weekends, but its a blast. There area a few small areas that have higher crime but they are easy to avoid once you learn where they are. Down town is improving with new pubs, shops, farmers market and festivals.

The newer apartments are the best. Homes (old OK) west of campus are good too. Avoid the cheaper places in the NE section because of higher crime. The town has a safe public bus system, dominated by students. Jobs are hard to find (not impossible) small town, huge college with 1000′s of students looking for extra cash. So many students fall in love with the place that they want to live there after graduation, so even full time jobs are a fight to get.

Gainesville is actually one of the best places to live in FL. Enjoy yourself.

Charles asks…

What are some information I should know about Virginia before moving there?

I heard mixed reviews about Virginia; some say its boring there and some say its nice place to live. I also heard they charge tax for your car, is that true? I am in my late 20′s, single, in the medical field, no children (nor do I plan to have children), looking for a diverse suburban area, reasonable cost of living with malls or stores not too far away. I was considering Richmond but I just want to know what are some of the pros and cons about living in Virginia and what area would be best for me in your opinions? (Prefer VA residents to answer)

Administrator answers:

Richmond resident here! Let me tell you what it is like.

In Virginia, counties are independent of the cities. Thus, the Richmond metro area consists of the City of Richmond, Henrico County, and Chesterfield County. The City of Richmond has some awesome places to live, but it’s also got a lot of really crappy places to live. Living in The Fan or Carytown would be awesome if you are a student or young professional. Easy access to shopping through the interstate system. But, you want “suburban” so the city is not for you.

First I point you to the western end of Henrico County. IE: Short Pump. The short pump area has it all, from strip malls to shopping malls. Plenty of interesting restaurants which double as clubs in the evening. Lots of suburbs and apartments to live in. I-64 bisects this area, with easy access to I-95 and I-295.

Chesterfield is pretty awesome also. You want to look at the areas further out in Chesterfield, such as Brandermill or Midlothian. The Brandermill area is down Route 60 (Hull Street) past 288. The Midlothian area is on Route 360 (Midlothian Tpke.) west of the area of Powhite Parkway. Again, lots of shopping, restaurants, and suburbs/apartments.

Taxes are generally lower overall than other states. Yes, there is a separate car tax due once a year. This is how the counties get their revenue. It’s not really all that bad. If your car is old enough, you don’t have to pay a car tax. But, it’s still pretty cheap to live here tax-wise.

Public transportation sucks. Apparently the GRTC (Richmond bus system) has won all these awards. But “you can’t get there from here.” The bus routes are hard to discern even if you are familiar with the area. The routes tend to be in a spoke design. So you have to ride the bus to the center of Richmond so that you can transfer and head back out to a place that is just a few miles away if you are towards the outside of the bus routes.

I like it here. It’s boring compared to DC or NYC. Richmond is a medium sized city and the bars are closed by 2am. But, there is a lot of fun here if you are willing to go look for it. Grab the Thursday edition of the Richmond Times Dispatch. Pick up a copy of Style Magazine at the local Martin’s supermarket. My wife is not from Virginia, but we made the decision to raise our family here.

I hope that this helped.

Good luck!

Robert asks…

Where is the cheapest place to live in new york city?

I’m will be 18 and I’m moving there after graduation I will be a certified nurses aide and would like to find the cheapest place to live in new york city!.

Administrator answers:

As much as folks are amazed by the rents of NYC, I’m frankly amazed at the costs of owning a car. Car payments, insurance, gas, maintenance, repairs. If you can do without a car and are willing to live in the boroughs, you can swing it without needing a fortune (the vast, vast majority of folks I know do not make even close to $60,000).

Queens is the best bet for something like that. Trace your finger along the 7 train. The farther out you go, the cheaper the rents, bottoming out in Corona, though after passing by 90th street, it can be a bit dodgy. Astoria is great, though over the past few years, the yuppies moved in, the greeks moved out and the rents moved up.

If I was in your shoes, I’d get a room in an apartment (flatmate). Folks will be renting a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartment and then offer up a room for rent (craigslist is a good source). You can get a good room in a nice apartment in a good neighborhood for 600, 700 a month. It will also give you entree to folks who can turn into friends (or atleast people who can show you the ropes of your new city)

Good luck and welcome to our city!

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