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May 31, 2013

Mandy asks…

Vacation planning tips for San Francisco in June?

I’m planning a family vacation (kids age 16 & 8) to San Francisco next June. I’d appreciate any suggestions for things to do and see and good hotels, especially those near public transportation in case we don’t rent a car. Any advice or things not to miss or definitely to avoid? Probably also going to try to see Yosemite for part of the trip. We’re from Texas and this would be first trip to CA. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Adam J has a pretty good list there, here’s some others:

- Go to Marin, Sausalito and Tiburon in particular
- The Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park
- Go to Union Square and shop, The Embarcadero, North Beach, Marina (Chestnut st. Union st.), check out the insane mansions and hills of Pacific Heights.
- Visit the Painted Ladies (in Alamo Park)
- The Presidio
- Beaches (don’t expect warm water): Ocean Beach, Crissy Field, Stinson (in Marin, very windy road)
- Angel Island
- Coit Tower
- Wine country in Napa (about an hour north)

There’s soo much! Oh, and Yosemite is kind of a far road trip…have fun!

Susan asks…

What is the average rent prices in the windsor area, (southeast england)?

What would be a reasonable rent price is the windsor area of southeast england?

Administrator answers:

Since you don’t indicate if it’s for a 1-bed flat or 20 bed mansion, I’m going to suggest that you look online.

Joseph asks…

What is a good place for a 10 year reunion in the DC metropolitan area for about 300 people?

We’re looking for a place either like a hall, ballroom, mansion or other similar location for rental.

Administrator answers:

First of all, I’d suggest that you pick a place in a suburb that has free parking. While downtown is fun, most people will want to drive there, so free parking is essential.

Sounds like you’ve decided on a fairly formal indoor affair, but have you thought about an outdoor event, with catered food delivery–maybe on a weekend? Casual events can be more fun than formal ones, and less expensive too! The area has numerous parks that offer picnic grounds with adjacent fields for games, etc., that can reserved for not much money.

If you want a ballroom, any of the larger hotels have them available for rent, together with food and drink service. A guest list of 300 people wouldn’t be a problem for most larger hotels.

The mansions (of which there are several) are interesting, but can be difficult to reserve and can be costly.

Chris asks…

What game for PS2 should I get for a rental?

I’m getting bored with my own games, so I want a good rental at BlockBuster for my PS2. Can you give me a good shooting title to rent that’s rated T or M?
I’m getting bored with my own games, so I want a good rental at BlockBuster for my PS2. Can you give me a good shooting title to rent that’s rated T or M?
{EDIT– I have Call Of Duty 3 already, and beat it. Get’s boring playing it again.}

Administrator answers:

Playboy the mansion or call of duty 3 it is awsome

Sandy asks…

Does anyone have any ideas about possible locations for a formal 150-guest wedding in Billings, Montana?

I have already looked at the Depot and the Perfect Place. Just wondering if there were any other nice locations for rent.

Administrator answers:

The Moss Mansion in the historic district is nice

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