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Your Questions About Please Can I Win The Lottery

June 30, 2013

Laura asks…

Can someone please give me winning lottery numbers for this weeks jackpot drawing.?

Please oh please oh please. Will some one give me 5 numbers and 1 power ball number for the lottery drawing this week. Preferbly a witch or anyone that practices magick. A leprechaun would also do nicely. I dont need just any numbers. I need winning numbers. If you are a witch or magick go into the future and find me the numbers for the lottery drawing for tommorow. I promise to share a part of the winning in the form of ummmmmmmmmmm one brand new shiny nickel to you.

Administrator answers:

What kind of mushrooms have you been smoking?

Lisa asks…

can i win the lottery soon please??

does any1 know the numbers?

Administrator answers:

Ask a Psychic.

John asks…

POLL:Can you please give me the winning lottery numbers for tonight?

I need 5 numbers between 1 and 39.
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

3, 27, 32, 17, and 12

what do i win?

Linda asks…

What Online Tax Program can I use? I won the lottery last year and paid $3000 in taxes + I had a baby so –>

does anyone know what program I can use? I tried Tax Act but it only covered 12 ‘life events’ none of them being winning the lottery…. please help!?!?!?!?

Administrator answers:

Try Turbo Tax

Sandra asks…

please some tips on how to win the lottery?

Do you like scratchers , or waht is your favorite lotto game to play?? Can you please give me any tips on how to play and what is better, easy pick, or picking your own numbers?? Thanks please, let me know,,,thanks!!
Thanks for the tips and the great website!!!

Administrator answers:

Quick picks. They sometimes work

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