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July 31, 2013

Daniel asks…

What is the best way to cover/hide my apartment’s retro/gross-tiled kitchen floor?

I’m renting so I can’t tear it up. Aside from the obvious idea of rugs, any suggestions? Would the Ikea snap-in wood flooring work? Any suggestions/guides would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Yes, snap-in wood floors would work, and you can take them back up again when you leave.

Good luck!

Donald asks…

Which area to find an Apartment in New York and bring our cars or not?

We are going to relocate to New York. The work area will be around City Colledge of New York and Comlumbia University. Anyone has any suggestions about which area to rent for an affordable apartment? Nearby or about 30 minutes commute one-way are both ok, I tried Craigslist but get very confused about the location names …

Also, shall we bring our cars to New York? We have two now. Shall we bring one or none of them? Just a bit not sure whether it is ok to go to work or buy grocery without a car…

Thanks a lot!
By affordable I mean about $2000 per month for a one-bedroom. Now I am giving up the idea to bring our cars with us:-)

Thanks a lot!

Administrator answers:

“Affordable” in NYC is a matter of opinion. How much are you going to make and out of that how much are you willing to spend on rent? If you’ve got the means right now to have 2 cars, I’m going to assume you’re a fairly established professional. I would suggest to you Morningside Heights, the Upper West Side, or Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown West in Manhattan. You might also consider Riverdale in the Bronx. There are good places to live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in the other boroughs, but they’ll generally involve 1 or 2 subway transfers.

If you plan on living in Manhattan, banish the thought of bringing a car with you. NOW. Unless you can afford to pay between $600-$1000/month to garage it. Most people in NYC get by without a car because we have one of the most extensive public transit systems in the world. Also, supermarkets deliver so you don’t need a car for that either and you can get a taxi for any other large item you need to carry.

More help here:

Nancy asks…

An economic yet comfortable hotel/serviced apartment to stay in Old Airport Road, Bangalore?

I do not want listings or self promotion. Would love to have genuine reviews of stay in Old Airport Road, Bangalore. Preferably, Expat friendly. Meaning the staff should be capable of understanding accents and guide them with routes.

Administrator answers:

I would prefer for Shanthi residency in Indira nagar. I stayed there for two months and I found it is very comfortable place for newbies to the city.

Here I am posting a review written in some website.


and here is the contact information, if you need it.


Hope this helps you.

Lisa asks…

Do Pionus parrots make good apartment pets?

I live in an apartment with a roommate and we’re looking to get a quiet yet friendly bird. We were thinking of getting a lovebird, but we heard pionus parrots aren’t bad either. Is this true?

Administrator answers:

Pionus are decent apartment birds.


Good articles about parrots and birds in general:

pionus: larger, gentle, quiet. Less playful or cuddly

Others, roughly in order by size:

parrotlets – small but feisty:

lineolated parakeets – small, quiet, easygoing, cuddly:

Pyrrhura conures (e.g., green-cheeked and maroon-bellied) – the quiet conures, playful and cuddly:


Sandra asks…

should i buy a house or an apartment for my first investment into real estate?

Id like to know is it more better off buying an apartment or a house, and the pros and cons of buying one or the other thanks :)

Administrator answers:

If you can afford the single family home that is the better choice unless you find a suitable duplex for sale. If you buy a condo then do a lot of due diligence and work only with professionals who can guide you through this kind of purchase.

A condo is under covenants, bylaws, association practices and rules which may or may not permit rentals or a restricted number of them. Rules can change and this may change your business purpose. The association fees usually go up and that will impact your bottom line.

The single family home is not subject to most of the above and will only have the normal issues of ownership and tenant relationship.

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