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May 24, 2012

Article by jon

If you are looking for a low income apartment, we can help you out. If you don’t have any money for an apartment, the perfect solution for you is to rent one of our apartments or studios. Corporate housing or long term rentals are also available on our list of services. Fully furnished rentals in the downtown core of almost every major city are available and many have easy access to public transportation. We are also ready to help you with the Section 8 program. You’ll be qualifying for the Section 8 program only if you prove that your income is below the limit. That income level varies state to state and is usally indexed to an Area Median Income. Only 50% from it’s value will be paid if you rent or buy in apartment.

Section 8 is a Federal program. It is controlled by the Federal Government and regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD for short). Though, some different state organizations are helping this program to manage itself.

In this program, you will have to pay only what you will afford to pay. So for example if you are only making $ 2,000 a month you may only have to pay 25-35% of your monhtly income which in this example would be $ 500 or $ 700 a month. Because of the fact that every state is self-rulled, you may pay even less than 20-25%. So, even if you are staying in a mansion will the price of 1000$ per month, you’ll have to pay only 50%.

Fair Market Rent must be the concept you’ll be keeping in mind for ever. Each area has it’s own fair market rent value.

Because there are so many clients, there might also be a pending list. Because the list may be very big -because of the numerous people eligible for the Section 8 program-, the process if receiving any apartment or house might take a few months, so it’s better to call your local representative and apply now for your new home, so you can move faster in your new home.

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