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Townhouses Across The World

September 22, 2012

Article by Deirdre Gonzalez

Townhouses Across The World – Real Estate

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Townhouses is one of the oldest form of housing today. Compared with apartments and condominiums, townhouses traces back even before the First World War. According to several real estate professionals, townhouses were known in the United Kingdom and in most parts of Ireland as a form of residence for the aristocracy. During the social season (when major balls and drawing rooms took place), and when parliament was in session, peers and the servants moved to live in their townhouse in the capital.

However, according to real estate in Philippines specialists, other than in the United Kingdom and Ireland, other countries such as Canada and the United States as well as in Australia, South Africa, and in most parts of Asia, particularly in the Philippines, are also known for their own versions of townhouses.

Townhouses in Canada and in the United States
Similar to Britain and Ireland, ownership of a townhouse in Canada and in the United States usually connotes wealth. Townhouses in Canada and in the US predates the automobile age and commonly denotes a housing inside a big city. Due to its usual location, townhouse allows it to be within walking or mass transit distance of business and industrial areas of the city, yet luxurious enough for wealthy residents of the city.

The distinction of townhouses from apartments and condominiums is that townhouses usually consist of multiple families, commonly with multiple floors. According to real estate in Philippines specialists, the traditional “townhouse” apartment is a two bedroom unit with the living room in the front on the lower level, kitchen in the back. The style in which two bedrooms are located in the front and back of the upper level with a single bathroom between has become less popular in areas where it has been adopted by rent control or HUD apartments.

Two Types of townhouses in Canada
In Canada, particularly in Ontario, townhouses are split into two types. These are:

Condominium townhouses – This involves a purchaser owning only the interior, while the building itself is owned by a condominium corporation. The corporation is jointly owned by all the owners, and charges them fees for general maintenance and major repairs.
Freehold townhouses – These types of townhouses are commonly owned exclusively, and without any condominium aspects. In the United States thise type of ownership called fee simple.

Townhouses in Australia, South Africa, and in some parts of Asia
Townhouses in Asia, Australia and South Africa are generally found in complexes. Similar to UK and townhouses in the US and in Canada, townhouses in the said countries also connotes wealth. According to real estate in Philippines specialists, in population-dense Asian cities dominated by high-rise residential apartment blocks such as Hong Kong, townhouses in private housing developments remain almost exclusively populated by the very wealthy due to the rarity and relatively large sizes of the units.
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Deirdre Gonzalez

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