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August 29, 2013

Lizzie asks…

can i have a party at the playboy mansion?

is it possible to have a party at the playboy mansion?
like can i rent it out?
how much would it cost?

Administrator answers:

You can’t, hef isnt gonna let anyone do that its his mansion that simple …..

Charles asks…

Think of something else you think the government should put a ceiling on and why?

Sometimes the government has intervened with pricing when the current prices are too high or the price is increasing too quickly. New York City has rent ceilings.

Administrator answers:

Yes, but not the rent of my mansion. The government can give a price ceiling to most of necessity goods, because it will affect the poor the same as the rent. And the demand is inelastic, so that the firms can exploit the situation by raising price to increase more profits.

Richard asks…

Where can I take my fourth grader on a California History trip?

I’m looking especially for lodging. We are interested in touring a mission, the govornor’s mansion, and Sutter’s Fort. I don’t want to spend over $125 a night. We have about 5 nights to do the trip, at the beginning of January.

Administrator answers:

The suggestions above are good. I would also add the California Museum (it is a block from the Capitol) and the Leland Stanford Mansion (a former Governor’s house).

In addition, if you had time I would suggest driving out the Sutter’s Mill in Colma and see where gold was discovered. You can also rent little pans and pan for gold yourself.

As for hotels, you should be able to get a hotel for less than $125 a night. Most of the political activities take place during Monday – Thursday, so the hotels are pretty empty Friday-Sunday and the prices may go down.

There are about a dozen hotels within a mile of the Capitol.

A high end hotel that I have used is the Sheraton Grand. It is a block from the Capitol downtown.

A mid range hotel I have stayed at is the Radisson. It is further away from downtown, but has lots of parking and a pretty setting.

I have also stayed at the Extended Stay America. It has a kitchen and is cheap, but it is not plush or fancy in any way. It worked out great for us, but we were excited to get back to our own comfy bed when we got home.

Susan asks…

Is it possible to buy/rent a single, large room/house?

I know this is an unconventional question. I have a simple wish, my true desire is not to live in a mansion with expensive cars and a big blue pool, instead – I would LOVE to own a single, large room with everything I need. I could live minimalistically with a big bed, a TV, a computer, a desk, and a kitchen connected to this big living area and an en suite bathroom.

I have planned this for years and all I require is one 10 x 10 meter room with a 3 x 3 meter on suite bathroom. All the houses/apartments on the market have conventional rooms and I hate that! I don’t want lots of little rooms, I want one single large room with a bathroom. Is there anyway I could attain this dream house of mine? I don’t know, would it be legal to buy a house in a lovely area and knock it down just to have this 10 x 10 meter room, could I rent somewhere? I need info!

- Thank you. x
Lily, those are good points! First, about the heating bill, I’m actually more concerned abut it getting too hot. With all the massive screens I plan to have and with the absence of windows, I expect it will probably be hot. Even in cold winters, my current bedroom gets boiling hot although it quite big due to just screens. You have no idea how boiling all the screens in the room can make it, I have the fan on even when it’s ice cold outside.

About the smells, I never cook, literally the only thing I would ever cook is bacon so IF I have a cooker which I probably won’t, I would have a big extractor to eradicate the smell and for the general atmosphere of my room, I would have an air purifier. I’ve already found the perfect air purifier that gets rid of nasty smells and keeps the room smelling fresh. :)

Administrator answers:

What you are after is called a studio appartment. One big room with kitchen area, living area and bed area and a bathroom. Try searching property sites again with studio apartment as key words. If there are none available, it may be the area you are looking in doesnt have anything like that, maybe consider a wider search area?

Carol asks…

Is the job centre going to stop paying peoples rent who are on benefits from April?

Not something i need to know because it won’t effect me but i was told starting from April people who are on the dole will have to pay their own rent and there will be no housing benefits..

I know a person who is on JSA and he said he gets £60 every TWO weeks and he lives in a flat and he does not pay the rent because it is paid for him by the job-centre, he looks for a job all day everyday so he must be going on the bus allot so how can £60 every 2weeks keep him going if he needs stuff like

Water bills
electricity bills
FOOD & water and what ever else on top..

And now from April people who have no job because it’s hard right now to get employed have to pay rent also with that £60? Is that even possible?

The reason i am asking this question is because would this not start a riot or something or won’t people start attacking immigrants so they can get a job and a house and a life in this country again?

Or is this not even happening and what i was told was just some random blabber?

So what you are saying is that they are going to keep on paying peoples rent even though they have lost their job, but if they live in a house/flat with two bedrooms and only 1 person living there, they will have to pay extra for that spare room and that is all that is happening in April?

Administrator answers:

Margeret A

I REALLY wish people would read whats actually going to happen

Read, learn and inwardly digest

There will be NO levy, and there will be NO tax on the number of bedrooms you have

What IS going to happen is the housing benefit people receive with be for the number of bedrooms they actually NEED, NOT for the number of bedrooms they have
So if you are a single person or a married couple you will receive housing benefit appropriate for a 1 bed house/flat
(this automatically means that IF you are receiving benefit for a 2 bed house but only need a 1 bed house (cos you are single or a couple) then the amount of benefit your receive will be reduced. THIS means that if you want to stay there YOU will have to pay more rent of the yourself cos the state WONT
The state will not subsidise you to live in a house bigger than you NEED any more)

However- If you can get a 10 bedroom mansion for that amount then you are welcome to live in it. But you will NOT receive any more housing benefit just cos it has 10 bedrooms which is the current situation.

If you live in a 2 bedroom house and the benefit you WILL receive for a 1 bed house covers it then nothing will change.
If it dont cover it then you have 2 choices
Move to somewhere cheaper, or make up the difference youself cos the state WONT.

And this is ONLY changing for those living in council houses/flats – cos it ALREADY applies for those living in private rented houses/flats

it is NOT the case that the council will look at where you live and if you have 2 bed then reduce your housing benefit.if you only need 1 bed
Its that they will look at what you need (e,g 1 bed) and you will receive housing benefit according to those NEEDS . They are NOT interested in the number of bedrooms where you actually live.

As for the actual question


But for a single person the housing benefit WILL depend on how old they are
As from 2012 if your friend is under 35 and lives in a housing association flat then they should be receiving benefit appropriate for them living in a house with shared facilities (kitchen etc) already
this will NOT change..

If they were living in a self contained council flat then this will be reduced to the same as previously for a flat with shared facilities
They would then have 2 choices – your friend could pay the rest themselves, or they could move to somewhere cheaper (with shared facilities?).

If your friend lives in a self contained council flat then I would recommend he find out exactly what housing benefit he will receive if this is less that the rent he pays now then look around for a flat in a house with shared faclilties .

If he lives in a private rented flat then he has nothing to worry about.

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