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DuPont and Repshel Use Polymer Science to Help Build Affordable Housing in Mexico

November 25, 2012

DuPont and Repshel Use Polymer Science to Help Build Affordable Housing in Mexico Title: Home at Last — Affordable housing is a cornerstone of a safe and healthy lifestyle. Governor Fernando Ortega of Campeche, Mexico faces a crisis of affordable housing. In this mini-documentary DuPont and Repshel collaborate with a Mexican family and the local community to build affordable housing for a safer, healthier and more dignified life. Donated materials including DuPont polymer panels are used to help build an efficient and sturdy home for the family, a home which shows the possibilities for safe, affordable housing worldwide. Features Enrique Requejo, CEO of Repshel. TITLE MEXICO JORGE COSSIO PRESIDENT, DUPONT MEXICO The world’s population is growing and many people’s basic needs aren’t being met. It’s only through science and collaboration that we’ll meet those needs. TITLE HOME AT LAST SLUM-DWELLER There are eight of us living here. It feels like the sky is falling. When I wake up my clothes are wet. This house is cold. My son was admitted to the hospital. I was told he had bronchopneumonia. I thought he was going to die because he was very ill. FERNANDO ORTEGO GOVERNOR, CAMPECHE In this state, we need opportunities so that families can have decent, dignified housing. So groups like Repshel & DuPont help those that need it most. It transforms lives overnight. ENRIQUE REQUEJO CEO, REPSHEL This is the first house in this state, but the potential for replication is enormous. JORGE COSSIO The family helps build the house. Having a safe
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