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How Low Income Housing Development in Michigan Helps Families to Find A Home

June 26, 2012

Article by Jeffrey KReeder

How Low Income Housing Development in Michigan Helps Families to Find A Home – Finance

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Renting a place in Michigan is as similar as any other states in U.S.A. Most of the time, it depend on the mutual agreement between landlords and tenants. Though there are laws that help to supervise the renters rental in Michigan. So if you are looking to rent or to rent out a house for low income families or persons, try looking up on MSHDA or Michigan State House Development Authority.
There are laws that protect low or medium income family like the houses can only be rented out on a specific rates or their adjusted family income. As for houses developed for higher income families, no specific criteria are provided. Still there is some level of control to make sure rentals do not fluctuate too high or too low.
However, looking at the low income housing development done in Michigan, there are a few criteria the landlord must oblige to. The most common one is the property must be rented out to lower income families or those that meets MSHDA income limit requirements. This is to protect the families or person that needed a home but couldn’t because even the cheaper houses are being rented to those who can afford a more expensive one.
Landlords tend to choose medium income families as it protects them from rents not being paid. Because of this MSHDA had provides subsidies for special housing that would protect the landlord as well. Due to this subsidy too, landlords are more incline to give lower rental. This is a good thing on renters rental in Michigan. However, there are units that the landlord can choose to rent out base on their own criteria but these units will not be subsidized by the state.
So if you do belong in the lower income group you might be interested in more information from MSHDA. Take note that even though the rent is cheap it might not be the best place to raise your family. At the same time too, just because the rent is cheap doesn’t mean it would be a bad place to live.
Look up some of the real estate agencies that are dealing with the low income housing development. You might find a decent place in Bay City, Big Rapids or even in Detroit. Look for the one that had easy access to transport and other necessities like good schools, parks and family diners. And even better, somewhere you can find a good job. Having a good affordable home is perfect so you could focus in other aspects of bringing up your family or improving your life.

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