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July 11, 2012

Article by Janis Smith

How to Find Cheap Apartments – Real Estate – Leasing

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Up until recently, I was living in a bad part of town with the highest crime rate of any area. Then a friend of mine told me about low income apartments for rent where the government will help pay part of the rent. He told me to apply. This government program aims to help poverty stricken people live in a better environment. For families this is especially good because they can move their kids from a bad influence to a positive place. The government will give you a voucher and you can use that voucher for apartments or housing that accepts them.

To apply for it, you have to head down to a housing office and get an application for housing. Fill it out and turn it in along with copies of your household income. Since these vouchers are for poverty stricken folks, they need proof that you actually are living in poverty. One way to do that is to check your income. Another way for the government to check is if you show them letters that state you are receiving benefits from another government program. Usually, the income verification process would be the same for other programs so if you show that you are part of the other program they won’t need to run another check on you.

After the government checks you out and verifies you, then they will give you the voucher. From that point you can begin searching for apartments. There are many places you can go to search for apartments. Go to the classified section of your local newspaper. Try searching online through apartment search sites. You can even ask the housing agency to give you a list. Once you’ve gathered up some apartments, then go out and take a look at them. Be sure to check out the apartment you’ll be renting. You want to get an idea of what you’ll be living in. If all is well, then you can sign the lease.

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Janis Smith

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