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Low-Income Housing Solar Panels

May 14, 2012

6.7.11 (ANTHONY) — With help from a federal grant, Tierra Del Sol, a non-profit group in Anthony, New Mexico, plans to start installing solar panels on 20 local low-income family homes. Isaias Amaya has helped install solar panels on 3 homes in the Dos Lagos phase 2 subdivision in Anthony. Amaya says, “We had a family, their electrical bill started at , and now they’re paying negative .95.” Amaya is a Project Director with Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation, a group who helps low income families obtain affordable housing. Veronika Molina Economic Development Coordinator with Tierra Del Sol says installing the solar panels on the homes helps families because it reduces their utility bills. Veronika says, “These families were families that were either 80 percent or below area medium income, and so they need the assistance with being able to pay utilities. So that they are able to achieve the American dream, and not only get into a home, but sustain the home, and also build equity in their home and in their investment.” Starting this summer Isaias Amaya plans to start work on installing solar panels on 20 more local homes. Amaya says, “We’re going so far to help the families even with their electrical bills.” Tierra Del Sol is also starting a green job-training course to teach locals how to install the solar panels so they’ll be able to work on the installation project. Molina explains, “We are going to be asking for willing participants that would like to learn the
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The situation is desperate for thousands of people in southern Nevada who cannot find any place to live that they can afford. For two years, no one has been able to apply for low income housing in southern Nevada. It’s been even longer for people in other states.
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  1. LicmycatMay 25, 2012 at 3:40 am

    It’s prolly like Okla., they got ILLEGALS getting citizen’s housing!!! I hate my mom and sis and I will live in a freakin’ tent if I don’t get out of here SOON!!!!! Hear ME???