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News Update: USBCDC arranges $86M low-income housing tax credit fund for Google

July 15, 2012

US Bancorp Community Development Corporation, a division of US Bank (USB), has arranged and will manage an M Low-Income Housing Tax Credit fund for Google (GOOG), the popular search engine firm. The fund will provide a major source of funding for the construction and operation of 480 affordable rental housing units for low income families and senior citizens in seven communities throughout the West and Midwest.
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On February 12, 2008 Community Voices Heard members marched to City Hall in Yonkers to demand that the city save public housing and include housing and jobs for low-income families in developments planned for Getty Square.

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  1. FountonlineJul 15, 2012 at 4:10 am

    My family and i have created a self sustainable housing initiative for low income families! No mortgages. No utility bills. Able to produce their own food and collect clean drinking water. We need help!! Please view our documentaries on our channel here on youtube. Thank you so much!!
    Scott Neely
    Public Relations Officer
    Fundamental Operations Unifying Natural Truths

  2. billybattsforprezJul 15, 2012 at 4:35 am

    yea keep it dirty and nasty that’ smart…dumb fucks its called progress.if only they put the same effort into finding jobs.