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What to Look for in Apartments in Marin County

September 25, 2012

Article by Phoenix Delray

What to Look for in Apartments in Marin County – Real Estate – Leasing

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People may want to look for certain features in apartments in Marin County. While people often search for a unit with a wish list in hand, there are always things that they don’t think about.

The old adage about location being important in real estate transactions has never been more important. People will want to find a place that gives them good access to freeways and main roads. This can help them to get to work easier but often can cut down on the amount of lights they need to stop at when getting to and from. Location can also be a factor for people who have school age children. Single parents may want to find a place that is close to a school so that kids get home quickly and safely. People that need subsidized or low-income apartments in Marin County may want to find places with the best locations possible.

People may want to find a place that has money saving features. People who like to use a gym can often save the membership fee plus gas money if they live at a place that has a well equipped fitness room. Parents often find that a complex that has a pool, sports courts or movie nights for kids can help to keep kids both entertained and close to home with no expense involved.

With many people having a surplus of household goods, it is often necessary to find a place like a storage yard to keep these items. This can result in a monthly fee and at the end of the year can result in a fairly large sum. Some people will be able to find units that have attached garages or some type of outdoor storage area that allows them to avoid having to rent an additional space.

Another thing for people to think about is the cost of utilities. Older apartments and condos in Marin County are sometimes priced more favorably in terms of rent but can cost more in the long run. This can happen if they have decrepit heating and cooling systems or appliances that are not energy efficient. Places that have up-to-date features often cost far less to maintain than older ones.

Another thing that can save money is to watch for move-in specials. Not every place has these but some have them on a somewhat regular basis. These can come in many forms but some of the most popular are the 13th month free rent or a discount on move costs like a reduced security deposit. Others may have half off the first months rent for apartments in Marin County.

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