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January 24, 2013

Thomas asks…

hi there, In Canberra is it very hard to lease an apartment till you are not employed?

Indian, moving to Canberra with family shortly. Booked a hotel for 2 weeks but wish to hire own apartment within this period. Can any body please guide me on this as I heard it’s tuff to hire an apartment till you have a permanent job. I really need this info….. Thanks a ton

Administrator answers:

I agree it is impossible, it is even hard for people with lower paid jobs, because there are always many applications per appartment and naturally the owners choose the person/family with the highest income. It doesnt matter whether your job is permanent or casual, it’s the payslips. You need to show them what you earn by giving them the copies of your last 2 payslips at least.

I would try to arrange a job before you get here, anotherwise you’ll end up staying in hotels forever and it’s not cheap.

Nancy asks…

How do I change a lot into an apartment in Sims 2 Apartment Life?

So, I didn’t buy the guide book because the booklet in the box where the game came in should tell you how to change lots. I’ve read that stupid thing inside and out and I still have no idea how to change the lot into an apartment. I don’t even know what lot I need to be using via community or residential. I don’t know the code to put in, either.

Administrator answers:


I found out that to make a apartment you have to do a cheat.So make your house on a residential. Then design it with the apartment doors etc. Then save but before you go back to the neighbourhood press ctrl+c+the up arrow. Then type in changelotzoning apartmentbase and then go back to neighbourhood and its there as a apartment.

Have fun playing
from Sophie

PS it works like a charm

Michael asks…

What is the good and informative website which give me full guide about buying apartments in Dubai?

Administrator answers:

If your pockets are that deep, just go over there, and see for your self. Alot are selling out before there even built………..

William asks…

How to find a apartment on Craigslist?

Im 19 and trasnferring next sem to another college of coarse away from home and want to find a apt.Can someone guide me to find a apartment on craigslist. ok I dont no not one think in finding info on apts. I went to the site and they have catogories like …no broker apts, no fee apts, apts wanted, apts for rent… which do I look into, its so confusing. Please help me

Administrator answers:

Go to craigslist and click on the the city you live in. Then click on apts/housing and they will give you a listing of all apartments in your area. I found my first two apartments on craig so its very helpful. Don’t give any personal info. Over the phone until you sign a lease there is alot of scammers out there.

George asks…

How do i file a complaint on a apartment complex after they charged me a big money for move out?

I lived in an apartment for 6 years. They are charging me USD 850 after I moved out. These charges are towards wall paint, food smell, cabinet paints etc. I think these are as part of normal tear and wear. Please guide me if I can take a legal action against them.

Administrator answers:

If you didnt take any pictures before you left then you cant do anything. You need proof of the condition of the property when you left it. This is why a walk-thru inspection is necessary. Apartments are known for getting as much money as they can when tenants move. I think you are out of luck.

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