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April 4, 2013

Mandy asks…

What are some good breeds of apartment dogs?

My dad and I just moved into our new apartment, and are planning on adopting a puppy. We’re not sure what kind of puppy would be good for apartment life. Keep in mind the landlord only allows breeds that grow to be under 30 pounds when full grown.

Administrator answers:

Try this site

William asks…

How do I move from one apartment to another, pack, which day and so on?

I feel overwhelmed, have been at my apartment for a long time so there’s a lot of stuff I don’t even know where to begin packing. I don’t know where to hire someone trustworthy to pack, how to pick a mover and so on without spending a fortune. I want professionals but also trustworthy and not go bankrupt. My last day is next Monday so should I move Sunday or Monday? Any tips??? (in Los Angeles)

Administrator answers:

First I’d suggest you get rid of as much stuff as you can…then pack in the order of least need. Pack books and out of season clothes ect start the Monday before and do a room a day. Last packed would be your kitchen and bath. I have always moved my self so I’m not sure how to guide you in the way of a mover. I always label the outside of the box on top and on the side what it is and where it needs to go(liquer stores have the best boxes med in size and easy to carry) Larger boxes are best for linens and such don’t get carried away or you wont be able to carry them away haha. You can use pillows and towels to wrap fragile items as well. Load the truck with least needed first and most needed last as it will allow you to put your kitchen and bathroom things away first (TP and being able to cook can be helpful 1/2 through a busy moving day) work your way through your apt so at the end of the day everything is where it belongs. Good luck in your new place!! If your last day is monday I would be packed for Friday move on Saturday just in case you have any gliches in the move :)

Helen asks…

What is a good website to find an apartment in the DFW airport area?

I keep finding the same apartments over and over. Does anyone know of any good websites for apartments in the Irving, TX area? I would prefer a loft, but Craigslist is full of spams and realtors so if anyone knows something, let me know. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Simple google “for’ or

David asks…

What are the most important factors in choosing an apartment?

What are the most important factors in choosing an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Clean Neighborhood
Cost of the apartment and the utilities (monthly, weekly, yearly)
Best for you to stay in (bedrooms, bathrooms)
How many people can stay when you rent or buy an apartment
A guide to great features, expectations, and price ranges
Saving money $$$
Check in from your real estate agent and make payment plans

Laura asks…

How to rent a suitable apartment in Ottawa?

I am shortly moving to Ottawa permanently with family. I need to arrange for a furnished apartment (preferably 2-bedroom) in a decent and convenient locality, ideal for a small family. How should I go about it? What is the expected monthly rent for such a unit? I am an Indian and any information on this would be of great help.

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be The Ottawa Renter’s Guide, a bi-monthly magazine (free) that are located in stands across the city. If you have a friend pick one up for you, that would be Ideal.

However, if you are out of town and cannot, I’d suggest visiting a store which sells The Ottawa Citizen – our largest daily paper. Prices for a decent 2-bedroom rental (clean and located near the Ottawa Transitway) range from $850.00/month to $1,500.000/monthly.

Your best bet is to rent through a Rental Company in Ottawa – i.e. Glenview, Minto, etc. For a decent apartment. Ottawa is a very friendly, multicultural and diverse city which welcomes all, has many things to do no matter your nationality.. – and you and your family should find it a nice place to live.

Welcome if you do move here! :-)

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