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April 26, 2013

George asks…

How to become a witch on Sims 2 Apartment Life?

On the sims 2 apartment life, I wanted to become a witch. I met the bad witch, but I want to be a good witch. How can I become a good witch? Please tell me, thanx.

Administrator answers:

Here this will probably help. Http://
it’s a guide that tells how to become a witch. It says you have to befriend a witch doesn’t matter good or bad you will be able to choose the path you want to go down later. Once you become friends you have to ask the witch to teach you the path of darkness/light. Ater that you will recieve a spell book and culdron. Click on the spell book and study the ways of the light.

Thomas asks…

How can I ever meet the strict guide lines for the purchase of a commercial property?

Also, the property that I want has an apartment upstairs. Is there a way to lease out my current home and buy the property with a residential loan? I am from Missouri.

Administrator answers:

You cannot buy a commercial property with a residential loan.
What are these “strict guidelines” you are talking about that you cannot qualify for now? I believe the down payment and type of loan is going to be much different than it would be for a normal residential house purchase.

Carol asks…

Can the lease holder of an apartment make me switch rooms and pay more rent than them?

The former lease holder of our apartment moved out. So one of the roommates took it upon herself to put the lease only in her name. Now she wants to dictate that we pay a fixed amount of rent, instead of rent plus utilities like me and the other roommate want to. Additionally, she wants to make me switch rooms with her since I am in the master bedroom even though I have been living here for months. What rights do I have as a tenant?

Administrator answers:

She can demand like any 6 yr old. LEgally
she has no leg to stand on.

POlitely [?] ignore her request.

And, visit the landlord immediately. What the
one roommate did was quite possibly illegal.

IF the main roommate moved out and
had leases with you two, verbal or
otherwise, she committed fraud if she
up and left you there with no legal protection.

IF you were the exiting roomate’s tenant, with nothing in writing, you were a “sandwich” tenant and if so, she violated a few landlord tenant laws.

–I am available to guide you if you need it.

I would visit, tomorrow, the landlord
and see what happened to the lease.

It is possible, that you were a sandwich
lease and that you have no obligation to
this girl or the landlord……but you
also have no rights and if so, you must
be prepare to vacate quickly!

If you were purely a sandwich tenant
[a roommate to only one person on the
lease is a form of a sandwich tenancy--that
is a legal term!!!], you can sue the
girl who brought you into the unit if you
lost any money–or rights.

If you wish to email me or messenger me
I can guide you more effectively.

Paul asks…

What is the best security alarm system with no monthly bill for an one bedroom apartment?

Hello, I’m moving into my first apartment and its going to be me and my fiance. Well I’m trying to look for a good security alarm system so no one can break into my house n if so, the alarm will detect. Please give me so good answers and don’t be as sarcastic cuz I’m moving soon. And also, please recommend to an alarm system that you have experienced. Thank you so much and God Bless you all

Administrator answers:

Well, a dog would be the cheapest option, however if you search for a home security beside a dog, you can install such as security camera, motion sensor, and the most important is connect it to an alarm system.

Most of those security system type is provided by a home security system company such as ADT and it’s requiring you to pay for monthly bill, the advantage is alarm system is connected to security provider or nearest police station while the alarm is triggered. However, you still can do install it yourself and no need to pay for monthly bill, off course the system is weaker rather than system that provided by local security company, but it can still afford your budget, you can buy the components from local security companies, generally they available in one set kits.

Just give it try to search for another information online, and if you are want to do install it yourself, look for review and manual guide from articles online would be better idea…Links below may helpful

Robert asks…

How much do i need to save for a deposit on an apartment in Sydney?

i am looking to buy an apartment with my partner and not sure where to start…
Can anyone recommend financial institutions, loan lenders or supply any advice to get me started?


Administrator answers:

I’ve been recommended this company –
I’m going to see someone from there next week. A few people I spoke to said they were really helpful at getting you the best deal and explained everything to you so hopefully they’ll help me too.
I’m finding it handy to read some home loan guides such as this one
just to get a feel of the market.
Also I’ve been picking the brains of my friends who have bought already – everyone has their own experiences so it’s really handy to get all their advice.

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