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April 30, 2013

Linda asks…

How much is a 1 bedroom apartment in Japan?

Does anyone know how much a 1 bedromm apartment in Japan would be? I have to do this for school and my instructor wants me to find out how much in Yen and then have it converted into USD.
Can anyone please help, i tried Gooogling it but to no avail.

Administrator answers:

Rents will vary from city to city, town to town.

The following is for a one bedroom apartment or condo in Tokyo

here’s a website that will help you with general rental searches. And it has the basic info for a Japanese Apartment or Apato. The japanese call an one room apartment, an Apato. Bigger than that is a manshun or mansion.


A one bedroom apartment in Tokyo is a luxury with the current exchange rate at around 119. They start around USD 820 per month for 380 sq. Ft. Apartment

The conversion on square meters is multiply the square meters by 10.7639

Good luck.

Keep your searches simple, like rent, apartment, japan

Steven asks…

Can a landlord in Massachusetts refuse to rent an apartment to a person because they own a service dog?

I am searching for an apartment in the Boston, MA area. I own a 5 pound chihuahua that is designated a service dog. Can a landlord tell me that they do not accept dogs in their units, even though I am disabled and my dog is a service animal?
Mark, the law you posted is only valid for federaly assisted housing. I am refering to private landlords (individual owners and big corp’s)

Administrator answers:

The laws for Fir Housing regarding service animals applies to all landlords, 100% of the time. The law the other guy quoted had to do with pets, not service animals.

Give him copies of your dogs certifications, that is all that is needed to declassify your dog as a pet. You should have received instructions when you received the dog, I am surprised you did not. It might help if you assure them that your dog will wear their vest when you take them out so the other neighbors do not think you were allowed a pet while they were not.

I am surprised there are people hear ignorant enough to think guide dogs are the only service animals. Many dogs are trained to deal with diabetes, seizures and other health issues where the size of the dog is not a factor.

Sharon asks…

How to find cheap apartments as a student?

I’m planning on moving out of my parent’s house soon and going to college in the fall. I’m 19,and I’m going to get an apartment with 2 friends.The Problem is that my parents are providing no guidance. The College does not provide housing,so how can we find a place thats affordable?
I am awaiting a response from 2 different jobs,and one of them is almost a sure thing. The problem is coordinating all 3 of us to get jobs in the area as we currently live a decent distance away from eachother.

Administrator answers:

Look around on campus for bulletin boards in the student union…there are usually always posters looking for tenants or roommates. Even if the college doesn’t provide housing, they might have an office with someone that can guide you of places to look around in the area which are willing to rent to students (not all landlords are willing to rent to students).

Sandra asks…

How can I find out what was here before this apartment complex was built on the land?

Many weird things happen at many apartments where I live. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could find out what was on this land before this apartment was built here. We see all kinds of strange things here and it got me thinking that I would like to check it out, but I don’t know how. I live in Columbus Ohio.
I had no clue as to what category to put this quesiton in.

Administrator answers:

Go to the court house and speak to a clerk in the land office. They will guide you to the legal description. With that, they can supply you with a complete record of the property.

David asks…

How hard is it to get an apartment with NO credit?

Me and my friend are going to be getting an apartment together in June, problem is we have no credit because we will just be turning 18. We found an apartment we both like, and its lease is “per month”, not “per year” or anything. Is it more likely that the landlord will except us with no credit because the lease is per month? Or will it be just as hard?

Administrator answers:

Much easier. IF you have no jobs, forget it. IF you have
a work history, you are ok.

Make sure wherever -whenever you get a unit….before
you make your deposits-make the first mo rent,
have a walk-through inspection with the manager and
make sure you get a copy before you leave the unit,
of the inspection sheet –and get anything written down
that is marked, torn, damaged, inoperable, etc.

NEVER let the manager say “we will take care of that…….
In 1 hour-1 day, etc. NEVER.”
[you pay no deposits or rent without the unit being
in exc condition.....]
available to guide you further

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