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May 18, 2013

James asks…

Question about double wall construction?

I am currently apartment hunting. Sometimes I notice that some of the apartments will have double wall construction (it is listed as a feature in the apartment guide). Does this mean that the insulation is better and less noise will be transmitted from apartment to apartment? Just curious to know what the advantages are.

Administrator answers:

Double walls are used for sound and fire separation between units
not necessarily better insulation value but yes it’s a plus

Daniel asks…

What is the best way to find a cheap apartment in Cairo, Egypt?

I’m going to be in Cairo by next week and me and my friend are in dire need of a cheap apartment. When I get there how should I go about finding one? Real estate offices or what? In a decent area, 2000LE at most.


Administrator answers:

Ask a friend to get the Waseet paper and look for one in the area you choose .
This friend can make phone calls and guide you when you arrive.
Good luck

Robert asks…

What kind of deal breakers would you look for when you go to a viewing for a new apartment?

Im going to look at an apartment in a building. I need to know what things I should look for that would be a deal breaker.

Things that could cause a problem in the future.

Administrator answers:

There should be GFIC outlets in the kitchen and baths, generally a bad sign if they don’t have them. (The outlets with the buttons that have to be reset sometimes)

Are there signs of break-ins or burglaries? (Doors that have been forced open, bars on windows.)

Make sure the water work in all the faucets, hot water too.

Does the disposal work?

Are there enough outlets, and properly grounded ones if you have computers etc to plug into them? You can buy a very simple outlet tester for a very modest price, will tell you instantly if an outlet is grounded and properly wired:

Does it have all the appliances you need and do they work? Had a friend who rented an apartment and didn’t notice there was no oven, kind of a pain since she liked to bake.

Is the oven clean, bad sign if it isn’t.

Is there working heat?

Does it come with any building storage and does it come with parking?

Are there working smoke detectors and a CO2 detector?

Look at the building’s laundry room, is it clean and well maintained?

Do the windows open, at least the ones you might want to open?

Is there a vent hood with a working fan above the stove?

Any signs of water stains or other possible leak problems in the ceiling or walls? Moldly walls and/or bathrooms a bad sign. Is there a vent fan in the bathroom and does it work?

If you have any shower/bathtub preferences best make sure the apartment meets them.

Depending on where you live, there are most likely various requirements that a livable apartment must have to satisfy local and state law to be considered inhabitable. If you can track these down it can be a good guide.

Just the general state of maintenance and repair of the building is a very good indicator, good or bad depending. If the owner can’t be bothered to keep his building to decent standards, they’re probably not going to be very responsive to repair requests.

Um, and you want to be a sly and subtle as possible when checking this stuff out. Landlords don’t like picky tenants.

Ken asks…

Can anybody propose a plan to visit Austria+We want an apartment in ZELL AM SEE and Salzburg?

Can anybody propose a plan to visit Austria in 18 days
I don’t want to go to museum, I want to have fun
We want an apartment in ZELL AM SEE and Salzburg.
Is there a cheap and clean apartment?

Administrator answers:


You should absoultely visit Vienna (trains from Salzburg operate every hour) – look at for information about what to see and what to do (i think it will be easier as I don’t know in what you’re interested in)

When you are in Salzburg you can take the “the sound of music tour” and visit Mozart’s birthplace and the “Wasserspiele” in Hellbrunn – look at for more detailed information

Look at for accomodation in Salzburg – you can specify the maximum you want to spend and the type of accomodation

For accomodation in Zell am See and activities look at (sorry – this site is only available in german)
here is another english site:,en,SCH1/objectId,RGN826at,season,at1/home.html

if you have any further questions feel free to contact me!
Greets from austria,

David asks…

The gardens around my apartment block are badly maintained and the owners do not respond to repeated?

complaints from the tenants. Can anyone guide me to a website where I’ll find well constructed letters of complaint on this matter ? Or if you have time compose a letter for me please.
Thank you, thank you. thank you to all who reply. I paying high rent to live in a jungle!

Administrator answers:

Read your lease. Does your lease state that you are renting the common areas of the property? Likely not, which leaves such issues at the prerogative of the landlord. Most landlords keep the landscaping nice to attract renters, but apparently that is not a priority for your landlord. Sorry. Realizing this is an issue for you now, just remember to make sure it is included in writing in your next lease.

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