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June 16, 2012

Donna asks…

Is there a way of getting a free apartment guide on Salt Lake City Utah in Nebraska?

Administrator answers:

There are a few online websites that you can go to.

Steven asks…

Can anyone please tell me how to find an apartment guide service in Pax River Maryland. I currently live in JP

I currently live in Japan, I will be moving to Pax River Maryland in Aug 08` I am looking for an agency that locates apartments for you.

Administrator answers:

Joseph asks…

san francisco apartment rental guide?

Does anyone know of an apartment guide for students? I’ve tried craigslist but im not familiar with the area so I was lost. ANything would help.
I want to live by the Balboa Bart Station. I am attending CCSF this next fall. MY budget is not great so it rent can’t be over 900 not including utilities.

Administrator answers:

Well, just use,,, or

Could you be a little more specific too? I could give you a more specific answer if you’d tell me more like what college you’re going to, how much you can afford, what attractions you want to be near, etc.

William asks…

Kansas City Apartment Guide?

I’m looking for an apartment guide that I post my apartment complesx rentals on for free.

Administrator answers:

The website you are looking for is
The Kansas City Apartment Guide

Richard asks…

Where can I find a walk through guide for the Sims2 Apartment life?

I’ve recently got the most recent expansion pack for the sims 2, can anyone find a good site where someone has done a detailed walk-through? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I did find awalk through

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