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May 27, 2013

Linda asks…

What are nice apartments near the military base in quantico va?

My fiance and I are looking for an apartment or a house to rent with a $1150 ish budget near quantico va marine base. If you have any information about the area around the apartment that would be very helpful! Also does anyone know if the marines pay for us to stay in a HOTEL while we are looking for an apartment once were married?
Thank you

Administrator answers:

If you are on Facebook look up the group “moving house for the military spouse”. It is a of military wives sharing information about bases where they live or have lived and also the surrounding areas. Everything from on and off base housing to a good salon to go to. Also try, has “installation guides” which is information about specific bases. 1150 will give you plenty of options. That is what we pay for a 3 bedroom house near Norfolk so it should easily cover finding an apartment. I know I said it on the other question also, but they will cover 10 days of being in a hotel. Hope this helps.

Joseph asks…

When you see an ad for an apartment rental in Edinburgh Scotland?

Does the amount they refer to mean per week or per month?

I’m trying to get an idea of how much an apartment near the city would cost per month. I see ads saying things like 400 GBP per month, which doesn’t seem enough. I’ve heard sometimes people list the price per week.

Any advice?

Administrator answers:

You should be able to get a 1 bedroom flat for around £400 pcm [per calendar month], or 2 bedrooms for £500 pcm a bit further out of the city.
Check out Zoopla for a general guide to what’s available.

Mary asks…

Where in the Netherlands the office and appartment rents are lowest. Please guide?

I am planning to open a HR & relocation consultantancy business office in Netherlands I will also need to live near the office with a family of 3 persons. so please guide me which is the cheapest and best place for office of 1 person and home for 3 persons.

Administrator answers:

Well in principle, the further away from the Randstad area in the Netherlands and from major cities elsewhere, then the cheaper it will be for office & apartment rentals (unless it is a area in demand e.g. For natural beauty etc).

The Randstad area encompasses the area around the four largest cities being AmsterdamDen HaagRotterdamUtrecht but also includes towns/cities like Almere, Haarlem, Zaanstad,
Amersfoort, Zoetermeer, Dordrecht & Leiden

However even renting outside but closeby to this area means that the rentals are cheaper but not cheap. I live just outside of this area but within commuting distance and the rentals are not so much cheaper I can assure you and thus the exact area of the Randstad is difficult to define exactly.

Anyway, one other point I wanted to mention on the basis of your previous questions is for you to be aware of the immigration requirements because if you hold a non-EU passport then it is not as simple as just moving over and starting a business.

You would have to have a visa to move here legally using the self-employed visa option. However the business would have to be proven as being an “essential interest to the Dutch economy”. You can read more on the official Dutch immigration site here p19 and by following the wizard here I am not an expert on immigration but knowing this market and having read the conditions of the visa requirements then I would suspect that this business would not be accepted as being of vital interest because it is not in demand and if anything overpopulated as it is.

To be honest there are no end of HR/recruitment agencies in the Netherlands which serve the market and have established routes. Also if you plan to serve the expat market then you will find that you will need to be based in this location (Randstad where the majority of International companies are based). Companies like this will not travel to the North or East of the Netherlands to a HR consultant when there are plenty on the doorstep to serve their needs.

I just wanted to warn you that this is a niche market if you are focusing on non-Dutch natives, but one that is very well served already and thus you might want to make a proper analysis of the market before taking any steps that involve financial implications. Also you will need to know about Dutch labour laws and practices as well? Are you familar with this as your business will be subject to this?

If you are looking to Dutch natives as well then you will need to speak Dutch fluently as of course to be successful.

You can contact the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands which might be able to help you further

Also do check the immigration requirements as I mentioned.

Donald asks…

What is the song at How I met your Mother Episode 22 from Season 4, when Ted leaves the apartment?

What is the song at How I met your Mother Episode 22 from Season 4, when Ted leaves the apartment?
It is at the very beggining, it start at 1:52.


Administrator answers:

Guided by Voices – Glad Girls

Carol asks…

What is the easiest way to find an Apartment in Los Angeles?

Moving to Los Angeles and there is no clear guide on areas and rent. So my question to locals is how do you look for an Aprtment

Administrator answers: is free and has a lot of listings, but I found (you have to pay a one time fee for like 90 days access) to be extremely helpful. It had very extensive listings. You may be able to buy someone else’s login name and password (on ebay, for example) for if you don’t want to pay the full fee. If they’ve already found a place to live, they have no further use for their membership.

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