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June 16, 2013

William asks…

How much money on avarage does it cost to rent a apartment?

I am looking for this answer for a project and can’t find it on google. Is anyone willing to lend a hand? I just need a rough estimate on how much apartment (or house) rent is a month.

Administrator answers:

In southern GA Apartments go for about $450 – $550 for 1 to 2 bdr. A house goes for $600 – $950 for 2bdr – 3bdr a month.

In a metropolis it will be considerably higher. What you need to do is give data for your area. At your local grocery store you might see a renters guide stand ( they are free) or you could call your local chamber of commerce & ask for a renters guide. ( maybe you could just go & pick one up there) & you will have specific rates for the apartment complexes in your area. You might could even look up rental rates online for your area.

The sub- purpose of this project is to teach you how to look for yourself & do the leg work with competence.

Paul asks…

What is a good online apartment guide?

I’m looking for apartments in Bluefield, Virginia and I’m wondering what is the best online apartment guide available. I’m looking for something really cheap (not run down with a million problems), but a cheap comfortable apartment between 200 to 500 dollars.

Administrator answers:

Mark asks…

What are key things for a new apartment to look good and feel comfortable?

I’m a mid-20′s single male, this is my first apartment and want it to be impressive for my guests. I don’t know much about decore…
Extra tips are welcome…
Thanks for all the input, these ideas will help!! Veg – you have a good point…

Administrator answers:

What I did for my apartment was get some furniture and some things to put on the walls…these things help take up a little space and make the place look less empty. If it’s too empty, it doesn’t really look like a home.

It helps if the furniture matches, and if you have things you can display on any shelves or tabletops. If you have lots of shelf space and nothing on them, not only does that look awkward, but then you will probably start putting your mail and other random junk all over them and the apartment will just look messy ;P

Having a theme in mind for each room (for example, our kitchen has a Japanese theme and the living room has what I call a Neo-Victorian theme) can guide you in your decorating endeavors.

For a guy, some display things might be picture frames, trophies, or you could store your CDs and other media in a nice display case. Candles are nice for some people. I’m a girl, so I have a lot of candles and flowers and other elegant decorations.

For the walls, I’m thinking of a couple paintings, classic or modern, or if you’re not that kind of guy, movie posters work well when framed. My dad also used to keep a wall of vinyl record covers from his favorite band in the basement.

And coffee tables are an essential part of any home ;P

Hope that sparks some ideas.

Helen asks…

How much is a small apartment in Rockville, Maryland?

My parents would like to move to there and buy a small apartment there in one or two years. Probably how much will it cost for an apartment(like property tax, any fees…)?

One bedroom is fine.

Thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

A one bedroom will cost from 1200-1600 or more a month. Some buildings pay some utilities, but most don’t.

It’s a nice town, but super expensive.

There is one building, called Beall’s Grant, that offers subsidized housing. They’ve also applied to build a 2nd building. Their one bedrooms are about 860, but there are income restrictions. I had a friend who lived there a while ago and she said they were fairly nice.

Apartment Guide has a listing, and you can narrow the search by your requirements as well:

Laura asks…

Any good apartments that are located in Shreveport?

I’ve plan on going to BPCC once I graduate from college. Only problem is that I find out the apartments a University Court that were recommended by a staff member at BPCC are shit. They look good, but after finding nothing but negative reviews I decided against it. So does anyone know of good appartments for a soon to be college Freshman for under $400?

Administrator answers:

Here are some in the area that you want to be. You might have to bump it up a little though. Http://

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