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June 21, 2013

Jenny asks…

What are the apartments based on income called in New Jersey?

In New York, apartments based on your income are called Mitchell Lama Developments and mostly done by lottery. But I now live in New Jersey & can’t seem to find the subsidized apartments that I can afford. What are the names of the apartments here & how can one apply for them?

Administrator answers:

This looks like the website you want. It has a bunch of links, including the one I put below it.


Donna asks…

Is it possible to run a Minecraft server from an apartment?

My friends and I have just moved into an apartment complex with free Wifi. I have been trying to run my Minecraft server but it will not connect to the new IP. Is it possible to run a Minecraft server through an apartment complex WiFi without needing a router for port forwarding? Do I need to change any of the server properties or make any firewall changes?

Administrator answers:

No you can’t you have to be able to mess with port forwarding settings or it won’t work you can play on a LAN Server though you have to be on the same network so if you can mess with the settings on your router then you should go here and here you can get a guide based off of what router you have on and some help from the minecraft wiki

Ruth asks…

In cheyenne wyoming is the landlord responsible for any repairs needed for the apartment?

Our gas and electric are on in the apartment but the heaters pilot light is out and it is going to cost upwards of 50 dollars to get a repairman onsite to fix it.

Administrator answers:

Have you called the gas company? Our gas company offers annual safety inspections for free, and they can relight pilot lights during this inspection for free.

Can you go on the manufacturer’s website and learn how to do it yourself? Or call the manufacturer and learn how to DIY?

In Wyoming, the law states that the landlord must keep the property in a habitable state.

But, enforcing this is another matter. You cannot call a repairman without the landlord agreeing to it. Well, you can, but the landlord won’t pay for the repair if you haven’t cleared it through him. Http://

To get the landlord to comply, you would have to get a housing inspector to come out and verify the problem. And if they are booked up for 6 months, then that means 6 months without a heater.

I recommend finding a way to DIY. A pilot light is pretty simple. There may even be a tag on the heating unit telling you how to relight it.


Charles asks…

What websites could i find apartments in miami at a affordable price?

the website could give any apartments near the miami area but at a affordable price…i plan on moving back because i don’t like living here in north carolina didn’t have a choice but to move here if i was 18 yrs. it would be a story obviously

Administrator answers:

You can try… ….apartment guide……….or just look up the classified online for their local paper.

Michael asks…

Where do I start to build a 4 plex apartment house?

I am interested in building a four plex apartment housing and I need to know how I should start . I am open to any advise

Administrator answers:

If you don’t already have a lot to build on, check with the local building department to find out what areas or lots are zoned appropriately for building an aparment type building . Once you have a lot you will need to get your idea approved by the city. Then choose a blueprint that fits on the lot keeping in mind any setbacks,easments and any other local building codes/specifications/restrictions. You could also have an architect or designer custom draw a plan for you. Next, you will have to purchase the construction drawings and get them approved by the city/local building department. Research local builders (at least 3) unless you plan on building the apartment building yourself. Ask for and check refrences on each builder, visit other job sites they are working on, etc. Obtain bids from each builder comparing price and quality of materials. Pay attention to what is/is not inculded in each bid. Once you have selected a builder, they will guide you through the rest of the construction phases.

The links below are from a website where I found lots of info about building when we decided to build a house. Much of it pertains to single family homes, but if you visit the resource section, you will find info about hiring a builder, things to consider when choosing a lot, etc. That pertains to your idea as well. They also have multi-family plans on this site and I’ve provided a link to the 4 unit designs. They have several other varities that may interst you as well.


3-4 Unit Plans

All Multi-Family Plans

Good luck.

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