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July 1, 2013

Lisa asks…

Which is better? Being a foster home for a guide dog for the first year of its life, or get a dog of my own?

I want to get a beagle, which obviously aren’t meant to be guide dogs. We want a guide dog just because you only have it for a year so you get a “taste” of having a dog. Problem is, we don’t have any guide dog centers in our area. We weren’t planning of going out of the state to get a dog. Should we just get a dog of our own?

Administrator answers:

Number One about Beagles: They have major, serious attitude. Stubborn with a capital S. And T. And U, and…. You get the idea. A Beagle is the only animal that I know of that knows the word “Why.” As in:

You: Beagle, Sit!
Beagle: (not sitting) Why?

You: Beagle, Stay!
Beagle: (not staying) What’s in it for me?

You: Beagle, Lie Down!
Beagle: (Not lying down) Whatever.

A typically beagle

Point Number Two about Beagles: Yes, they are hard to housetrain

Truth Number Three about Beagles: Unlike other dogs, a Beagle’s motivation in life is not you. A Beagle does not live to obey your every command. A Beagle’s life is about him, his stomach, his nose, his butt, his comfort when he sleeps. Him. Don’t get me wrong, he LOVES you. Adores you. Has to sit right up against you on the couch. Follows you from room to room. Howls when you’re gone, wags his tail so ferociously when you come home it could knock you over. Plays with your kids and wouldn’t hurt them for the world. An awesome companion.

But his aim in life is not to please and obey you, like many dogs. He will not fetch unless he wants to. He will not come when called unless he feels like it. And if something out there smells interesting, or those dogs over there look like they’re having fun, that definitely rules out “feeling like it”. And know this: if those dogs over there are on the other side of a four lane highway, it doesn’t matter – he’ll haul ass across it to get to them whether there are cars coming or not. As a result, beagles are *not* off leash dogs. Ever

But if you want a dog who fetches, and who will get your slippers, and can go off leash, and basically behave like a lab, then do yourself a favour: get a lab. Don’t expect a Beagle to be a Lab in a smaller coat. You’ll both be disappointed.

You might be better to foster a beagle, because beagles are very different to golden retriever and labradors. Labradors and golden retriever are more obedient, don’t howl or bark unless neccessary, very little howling & are generally quite easy to train

However beagles love to howl, bark, are difficult to train and are very stubburn, they require a minimum 4km daily walks! Believe me beagles are far from obiedent.

Because beagles are scent hounds, they can be roamers, an escape-proof fenced yard is a must have with a beagle. Fences should be high enough (4 feet or higher) to prevent climbing and secured at the base to prevent digging out. Gates should have good latches and be child-proof, preferably locked. However, not all beagles are climbers or diggers. This usually happens if they are just left outside without any kind of attention from the family or other dogs. Beagles need companionship and daily exercise. Prone to barking and howling when bored and with there active nature, Beagles do not make good apartment dogs

You could also think about fostering a guide dog puppy, just after fostering a beagle or you could do the guide dog puppy 1st, remember the difference that raising a guide dog pup makes to others, this guide dog pup could go onto someone in the future that can’t see to help them around the world, and give them freedom, that they would not have had previously.

Just remember don’t expect a beagle to behave like a labrador or golden retriever.

Regardless of breed, all dogs require lots of trainning! If you want a well manner, well socialised dog!

Please adopt and save a dog life, don ‘t bypass the adult, you may actually find a rescue adult beagle that already housetrainned.


If you buy a dog over the Internet, at a pet store or through a newspaper ad, your new pooch may very well be from a puppy mill—a mass dog breeding operation. Protect yourself from scams and don’t be fooled into buying an overpriced, possibly sick puppy.

David asks…

How do I find out whether my apartment is haunted?

I just moved into a 100 year old building. I’m not really a spooky girl, you know into ghosts and things. But I keep hearing distinctly un-apartmenty sounds, seeing things out of the corner of my eye, and having sort of weird dreams. I’m not willing to go up to my fellow tenants and ask them whether they hear/see weird stuff.

So. How do I begin to find out what may’ve happened in my building/apartment or whether there’ve been other reports of this sort of thing here? You know, without making my neighbors think I’m a little nutso.
A fair-sized but not super-well known Civil War battle took place, according to the historical markers and maps I’ve found, about two blocks from my place. That sort of increases my credibility here, right?

Administrator answers:

Here are some sites you can use, also casually talk to the neighbors about people who previously lived in your apartment, what they were like, (don’t ask if they died) ask them if they kept in touch with each other, and maybe for a phone number to talk ot them to see if they had any strange feelings about the place.


these are very good sites, take your pick, but i am warning you, do not, i repeat *DO NOT* whip out the old quigui board and decide to talk to them!! Those things cause more trouble than any good, they will certainly make anything Way Way worse!

Good Luck!~

Steven asks…

Can a realtor go into your apartment when you are not there?

My landlord is selling the building that we live in and he told us that we will receive a 24 hour notice when they may want to come look at the apartment.
We are still living there and will continue when the new owner takes over.
The landlord said that he gave the realtor our key and said if we are not home, they will come into the apartment..
This doesnt sound right.

Administrator answers:

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Thomas asks…

What are the steps to finding and getting an apartment?

I am about to turn 19 next month and I want to start looking for my own place. I am currently looking for a job and more than likely I will be making 7.00+ an hour. I want to know how to figure out my price range and how to estimate what I will be spending monthly on utilities(lights,water,phone,cable, etc.). I am giving myself a time period of 1-2 years to get up enough money and to get myself together. Can someone guide me?

Administrator answers:

Well my advice first off would be to give yourself time after u get a job to save up for a fist months rent and deposit. Also so that u have money put away for a rainy day. I’d start buying a few things here and there (for the house) so that u have your basic necessities towels, pots & pans, plates.etc.and store them till u actually get an apartment.

Once u figure out how much u bring in u can decide what is the amount u can pay on your own. I’d look for an apartment with something included. Some landlords include electricity or gas. Most of these apartments are usually attics or basement apartments. Witch is not to bad for a single person to live in. It could be small but it’s only u.
With the amount u might be making it could be the only thing u may be able to afford.

Good luck.

Mandy asks…

How do I go about subleasing my apartment in NYC?

I want to sublet for about 3 months. Should I ask my landlord’s permission? How do I determine a good candidate. I don’t want my apartment to be trashed.

Administrator answers:

It’s always best to do it legally and legally, you can NOT do that without your landlords permission. If you plan on finding strangers, it’s best to to it the ‘right’ way. I know plenty of people that do it without asking the landlord but it’s always risky. If you intend on doing this on your own, you HAVE to create a sublease yourself, have everything signed, get photocopies of their IDs, get all the money up front plus a security deposit, and possibly have the document notarized (just in case). The only plus about subletting illegally is that you can overcharge the person. If the rent is $1000/month, you can get away with asking for $1500/month. That’s what a lot of people I know do.

This is from the website:
1) The tenant must send a written request to the landlord by certified mail, return-receipt requested. The request must contain the following information: (a) the length of the sublease; (b) the name, home and business address of the proposed subtenant; (c) the reason for subletting; (d) the tenant’s address during the sublet; (e) the written consent of any co-tenant or guarantor; (f) a copy of the proposed sublease together with a copy of the tenant’s own lease, if available.

2) Within 10 days after the mailing of this request, the landlord may ask the tenant for additional information to help make a decision. Any request for additional information may not be unduly burdensome.

3) Within 30 days after the mailing of the tenant’s request to sublet or the additional information requested by the landlord, whichever is later, the landlord must send the tenant a notice of consent, or if consent is denied, the reasons for denial. A landlord’s failure to send this written notice is considered consent to sublet.

4) A sublet or assignment which does not comply with the law may be grounds for eviction.

There are additional requirements pertaining to subleasing a rent-stabilized apartment. You CANNOT overcharge by any more than 10%. I suggest you read the full section of the webpage about that info as well…

Go to the link on the left of the page for ‘Housing Resources”, go down and hit “Tenant’s Rights Guide”. That’s where they have some info on Subletting.

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