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July 11, 2013

Donna asks…

Where is the best place to look for an apartment?

Where should I look if I want to see the different apartments that are available in my area? I’ve tried web sites and I don’t know where else to look.

Administrator answers:

Without knowing where your area is it will be hard to give specific detail. Also it depends on what you are looking for. Is it just a room, a small apartment, a home, a house, what?

You can start by looking in the news papers serving your area, also look at the community bulletin boards at the local grocery stores. In a lot of areas, again I don’t know where yours is, put out apartment guides, these are usually distributed at grocery stores, fast food places and restaurants.
Try another search on the web with
your town name rental property
your town name rental management

You could alse check with a realtor to see if they have any info.PP

Donald asks…

The sims 2 apartment life keeps shutting off when i go to a house?

I just got the sims 2 apartment life when i have the sims 2 and a few other expansions. I got a house from plesent view and moved it over to the new town and clicked to play it but then my game shut down completely. i tried again but stil it did the same thing. now i have downlaoded content but i enabled it so shouldent it stil work? i REALY like this sims house so i realy want it to work. HELP what should i do?

Administrator answers:

Simply disabling custom content won’t work. All that does is render your custom content invisible. The game is still reading the files. You have to physically remove your Downloads folder. It is located here: C:My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2Downloads

Drag the entire downloads folder to your computer desktop.

Now you have no custom content in your game.

See if you are now able to load your lot with no crashes. If it does load ok and you want to find out what particular item is causing your lot to crash, follow the guide here:

If you are still not able to load the lot then it is not meant to happen.

John asks…

Why does the sims 2 apartment life not load at all?

I recently posted a question before about the apartment life and how it used to freeze up…Then i uninstalled Mansions and gardens and started to just play apartment life with other expansions & it loads with the ea games, then when it comes to the whole apartment life and how there has to be a bar that will load to continue to choose ur neighboorhood… it doesnt even load. I waited about 20 minutes. Then i reinstalled mansions and gardens back and played that and the same thing happend… Whats going? Reply Please!

Administrator answers:

Sounds like your computer may not meet all the system requirements, or you may have a piece of bad custom content.

Guide to finding & removing bad custom content

system requirements (Mansion & Garden is SP8)

Joseph asks…

How can I make my apartment eco friendly or “green”?

I live in University housing which basically means I can’t change anything in terms of appliances, windows, etc.
All of the “green” guides I’ve read suggest that doing those things are the best options which kind of leaves me in a rut.

Aside from just changing my lightbulbs, is there anything else I can do?
Does bamboo change carbon dioxide into oxygen, or does the plant have to be leafy?

Administrator answers:

Take a look at the HGTV Green Home to get some ideas on products & ways that you can live more green:

Once you’re there, click on the “tour” tab, and then hover over the blue spots on the photos for descriptions of the ways things that are eco-friendly.

Carol asks…

Apartment help in Sacramento and Davis area?

I got accepted to UC Davis and I’m looking for a studio/1 bdrm apartment for under $600 a month. Can anyone recommend a clean and safe apartment complex I can look into?

Administrator answers:

Even in the lower income areas you are not likely to find much decent in that price range. Davis is a nice area. Try Craigslist and Apartment Guide. I know girls at UC Davis who share apartments to be affordable.
You might consider a roommate.
The price of gas may rise again and if so, the commute from Sacramento area will be a financial drain. Consider staying in Davis. You might also consider Dixon. It is close and much more affordable.

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