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August 9, 2013

Thomas asks…

Where can i find a list of apartments online that accept section 8 >?

I have section 8. I thought i ran across a site that shows listings of section 8 apartments available. Does anyone the site or where i can go to find that out

Administrator answers:


Try these!

Mark asks…

What is a good, natural cleanser for ridding of mold and mildew?

I just moved into an apartment and the shower stall is in need of some cleaning. What are some cleansers that I can make on my own, will rid the tiles of mold/mildew, and works well with being in a spray bottle?


Administrator answers:

The Green Guide responds:

Serious mold problems require professional expertise to correct, and for good reason: Mold can be dangerous to your health and damaging to your home. Molds actually release volatile organic compounds, called microbial VOCs or MVOCs, that can cause headaches, nasal irritation and even mood changes. A few indications that your mold problem might require professional help include mold that returns despite repeated efforts to clean it, mold that has a strong smell or is black-green in color (which indicates Stachybotrys atra, one of the most health-damaging strains of black mold), and mold that has lingered after a unique yet large moisture event, such as flooding.

If your problem is manageable enough to tackle yourself, it’s important to determine the point of origin. Mold won’t grow without moisture, so make sure to remove all sources of water, for instance a leaky pipe inside your wall or a crack in the foundation into which water might seep, and “food” on which it might grow, such as surrounding papers and fabrics.

For smaller problems, having some tried-and-true and environmentally safe ingredients that kill mold is invaluable. Here are the best of these:

1. Australian tea tree essential oil (also known as melaleuca) is a broad-spectrum fungicide that is often used medicinally. It has a very strong smell that is too strong for some people, and if this is the case, move on to other suggestions, below. Tea tree oil is expensive, but a little bit goes a long way.

To make a mold-killing spray, place 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil in a spray bottle with 2 cups of water. Shake to blend. Spray on moldy areas and don’t rinse. The smell will dissipate in a couple of days.

2. Vinegar is a mainstay of traditional cleaners and effective against mold. Use the 5 percent white distilled solution so as not to stain fabric, and use it “straight up”: just add it directly into a spray bottle. Don’t rinse. Vinegar is the cheapest available method of killing mold, besides direct sunlight.

The trick with these three sprays is not to rinse so the ingredients have time to do their work, but in a few days, clean up the dead mold with some soap and water.

3. Borax will also reduce some mold spores and is useful for scrubbing walls, including cement walls found in basements. Cover such areas with a mixture of 1 cup borax to 1 quart of hot water (to dissolve the borax), and let dry without rinsing. Vacuum and dust off the borax a few days later.

If you’re tempted to combine borax with vinegar to get more bang for your buck, hold off. Borax and vinegar neutralize each other, so you won’t get the same cleaning power as if you used the ingredients individually.

Joseph asks…

What is good excercise equipment for an apartment?

You know, with downstairs neighbors. I’d love to invest in a treadmill since i have no time for the gym, but what about the thumping?

Is there anything that you have found to bepefect for apartment living?

Administrator answers:

The best home exercise equipment can be a hard thing to determine. There are so many amazing pieces of equipment from respected names worldwide, it’s best to simply choose a machine that suits your needs from a name you trust. Most pieces of exercise equipment come with satisfaction guarantees, giving you an opportunity to try the equipment and return it for a refund if it’s not right for you. I found this article of use to you too:

Guide to the Best Home Exercise Equipment

Susan asks…

German Shepherd friendly apartments in the Houston and Katy area in Texas?

It seems like there are no GSD friendly places anywhere. Does anyone know any places in these areas that are GSD friendly? Even other locations, I don’t care I just need to find some!
PS I’ve been calling apartments and asking but they’ve all said no.

Administrator answers:

Go into a grocery store or gas station and pick up one of those free apartment guide catalogs. They have a special section on dog friendly apartment complexes. That will narrow down the places that you can call. Some places have weight restrictions. Also, you can go to some real estate businesses. They can also sometimes guide you to where you should go.

Carol asks…

How can I motivate myself to get out my apartment and talk to some girls?

I feel so comfortable in my apartment. I keep thinking the world is going to end today. I just keep on thinking it. I get so scared that I end up doing the mastu-word. It is just the only way I feel comfortable. I don’t want to do the mastu-word. But it gets hard. Because I really want to talk to women. But I’m afraid. I am very afraid. I have never had my first kiss, and I am still a vir. So it is hard.and I also deal with satan. And he bothers me, and he makes me yawn a lot. And make me cough and sneeze. He is always bothering me. When will he leave. Just when will he go away. He needs to go. Satan knows my thoughts. When will he leave me alone.

Administrator answers:

I still know who you are with that new name. Anyway that is not an issue. Just go out to enjoy the day and enjoy the place anywhere you want to be just make sure it is place for people to unwind and have fun. Do not act as if you are looking for someone to prey on (pardon the words). Be by yourself enjoying whatever you think is giving you time to smile. A lucky chance may guide you to what you desire to get.

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