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August 27, 2013

William asks…

Which areas are good to live near o’fallon mo?

Which areas near o’fallon are safe to live away from St. Louis? How is St. Charles? I will be working in o’fallon are. Apartment guides are not helpful. Any response appreciated.

Administrator answers:

O’fallon is really nice, I lived there once, actually. I moved to a smaller town called Winfield after being in O’fallon, which is also kind of ok. St. Peters would be closer to O’fallon. It’s basically right up 79. St. Peters is pretty nice, but I’m not sure what property runs for around those parts.

Mark asks…

What decor goes good with sage green furniture?

We’ve just moved into a new apartment and we have new furniture.We’ve run into a little bump in the road trieing to find anything to match it.

Administrator answers:

Well if you can go get a swatch..a color guide and then play with that with the sage green. If it is pastels then stick w/ that. Just don’t mix sage green w/ neon green..if you know what i mean. Anyways play off of it w/ some lighter greens and a bit darker green and blues and yellows should mix well. Maybe a lighter green than sage on your chair w/ a dark green textured pillow like velvet or cordoroy. On the couch play up the pillows w/ different colors of green. Also purple goes great w/ green. If you have an area rug that goes well with the furniture then pick out all the colors of your rug and play that into the mix. Well hope that helps. God bless

Sandra asks…

How can I stop hitch hiking cockroaches from populating my home?

We lived in NYC. There were some cockroaches in our apartment building. We were careful when packing our things, but it seems there was some extra baggage in our carry on. We arrived in California 2 weeks ago to live in our new house. I just found a cockroach crawling on a wall tonight. I want to kill them before they have a chance to populate the house. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Call the pest control.


John asks…

How do I make a map of my patrol route using google earth?

I drive a patrol route for a private security company and have about thirty apartment buildings and business I check nightly. I want to use Google Earth to make a map of all my accounts. I just don’t know how to to do it. Is there a way to make a new layer and add the addresses or what? I’m just not very competent with the program and could use some advice on the most efficient way to do this.

Administrator answers:

Yes, type in the address of one of your buildings. Google will find it. You can then drop a pin there, saving the location. Do this with all the buildings. You can then map the route from Building 1 to building 2 to building 3 and so on.

See the link for the pertinent section of the Google Earth user guide.

Lisa asks…

What is a good legitimate way to make money online?

I currently teach English in Korea from 1pm to 9:30pm. I have a great internet connect in my apartment and spend all morning every morning wasting time on Facebook, Google etc.

How can I make my time productive and use the internet to make some extra money?

I am very interested to hear from people who have in the past or are currently using in internet for extra income. I seem to find only what look like scams!

Administrator answers:

What you need is a step by step guide to show you the way.

If you visit and put in your name and email address, you can download the free ebook on creating a website and then receive the newsletter. All for free!

The newsletter is sent weekly and offers step by step advice on getting started making money, legitimately, online.

Good luck to you,
Melody Helmbrecht

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