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June 27, 2012

Donna asks…

whats a good apartment guide for nyc?

im trying to find a guide for apartment rentals on the internet for the nyc area most ones of them i find are fakes or just plain bs

Administrator answers:

I have known several people who have gotten apartmments from Craig’s List

Laura asks…

Lawrence KS Apartment Guide?

I’m looking for an online guide to Lawrence apts. that will ley you list your apartment rentals.

Administrator answers:

This website is for Lawrence Apartments only, so you and people looking for a place dont have alot of crap to wade through.

Sharon asks…

Nationwide Apartment Guide?

I am looking for this online apartments guide. It’s like but it has direct links to all the different apartments in town. I used it to find my apartment for college, but don’t remember the name of it. It list apartments in about every state. It’s something like apartment zero, but all I found was a furniture store with that. Does anyone know what website this is?

Administrator answers:

I think the website you are looking for is
AptZero Apartment Guides

Betty asks…

Where can I call to get a Chicagoland Apartment Guide?

Administrator answers:

You could just Cazoodle Apartment Search. With 23,497 listings today you could easily find what you are looking for.

Lisa asks…

Is there a way i can get a free apartment guide on Pine Bluff,AR?

Administrator answers:

Here are some of the local apartment complex’s websites:

There are a lot more apartments in the area, these are all I could find quickly.

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