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October 17, 2012

Sharon asks…

LA Apartment Guide?

I’ll be looking for an apartment in Los Angeles. I’m not familiar with the area and all the websites I’ve found so far are difficult to get around/find actual apartment listings. Any good sites with links to apartment complex websites and area maps?

Administrator answers:

This website has a pretty good list of apartments and links to their websites and/or maps.

Mandy asks…

if anyone lives in jacksonville could you please tell me what website has the best apartment guide?

if you live in jacksonville florida and if you know someone who is renting a one bedroom, one bath house or apartment from 300 to 500 dollars please let me know or if anyone that lives in jacksonville, florida and knows a good website where they advertise cheap apartmets thank you so much for your help

Administrator answers:

I suggest, you can search by state and find the best deals.

Ruth asks…

Chicago Apartment Guide?

I’m looking for a website to list apartments in Chicago for rent.

Administrator answers:

Check out this website. They will list you for free, and include any info you provide about your apartments.

Laura asks…

Seattle Apartment Guide?

I’m looking for a website that list Seattle apartments.

Administrator answers:


These were the 2 sites I used when I moved to Federal Way (just south of Seattle) and again when I moved to Port Orchard (west of Seattle).

Robert asks…

How to Advertise “Service Apartment New Delhi” in Lonely Planet, India (Delhi) City Guide?

I have independent, beutiful 2 bedrooms, attached baths, Living/dining room, tastefully furinshed & equipped Kitchen, in West European Style & a terrace garden on the 2nd floor. House keeping /Kitchen help available 24 hours at the site. Very Central location, Intl airport 15Km, down town 10km. I would like to let out this apartmrnt on weekly/monthly basis, I have travelled in Europe and lived in London/Paris for two years. I am electronics engineer by profession and now retired. We are living in the Ground floor apartment. I would like to meet new people in this process and supplent my income also. Chrarges: $500/ per week, $1800/ per month.

Administrator answers:

Here is the web-site link of Lonely Planet, which may answer all your queries. Hope this helps you.


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