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November 26, 2012

Jenny asks…

what are Income Guide lines when renting an apartment?

How much would one have to make? (portland)

Administrator answers:

I worked for a letting agent in the UK, and it went as follows: a single applicant needs to earn 2.5 times the annual rental figure, so, for a rent of £500, an applicant would need to earn £15000. BUT, you can still rent the apartment for £500 if you earn 1.5 times the rent, (£9000) IF you have a guarantor (someone who agrees to pay your shortfall in rent should you not meet the monthly payments). The guarantor needs to earn 3 times the annual rent, so they need to earn at least £18000 to be your guarantor.

You need to consider other expenses, and your guarnator will be equally responsible for your tenancy, and your obligations as a tenant become theirs, should ther be a breach of tenancy.

This is in the UK, so not sure if it is relevant, but it is of course, only a guideline.

Lizzie asks…

Any decent New York City Apartment Guides?

I know new york has a huge amount of apartments, but the ones with websites seem few and far between. How do you find a ny apartment while you are out of town.

Administrator answers:

Here is agreat resource for finding apartment in New York City

Mark asks…

Does anyone know a good apartment guide website? besides and and

Administrator answers:
It gives you real reviews from people living in that apartment complex. Also try Yahoo! Classifieds.

Daniel asks…

Apartment move out inspection guide?

Where can I find a move-out inspection and charge the tenant approprietly?Is their a guide I can find online? Please provide with an address. The condo is in South Florida.

Administrator answers:

Http:// You may use this as a guideline or download the form and use it. Depending on the situation, you might want to adjust the prices a little.

Ruth asks…

what is needed for a guide dog to live in an apartment w/ no pet policy?

my dad just went blind and i want to give him my dog to help him around, shes very smart
do i have to get some kind of proof or put her through training?? some kind of verification for my dad & my dog?

and does anybody know if there are any special harnesses for bling people dogs that i might need


Administrator answers:

ADA says that a service animal is NOT a pet. Therefore, none of the pet policies apply.

The apartment community will need documentation from his health care provider stating the need for a service animal and/or a REQUEST FOR ACCOMODATION UNDER THE ADA. This form should be completed by the health care provider and submitted to the apartment community. Await written approval from the apartment community.

Hopefully this helps for the pet policy part of your question.

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