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December 17, 2012

Daniel asks…

Apartment help guide?

Hi! Does any one know if there are any apartment in
Georgia that only ask for (just the rent) ,
and not double the rent.

Also, I only make $698 a month, is this enough to
get my own apartment by my self?

Administrator answers:

I doubt you will find an apartment cheap enough for you to qualify for by your self. I suggest you look for a room w/bath in a private residence as that would be cheaper and include utilities. Good Luck

Richard asks…

I am going to buy an apartment in Ghaziabad. Could you please guide me with the procedure for registration?

Format of registration text

Administrator answers:

Apartment buying is a major investment. Better consult an advocate locally for this.

Lisa asks…

i want to order 1 of those free apartment guides. i plan to move to memphis,TN and would like a list of places?

i live in detroit, looking for an apartment guide by mail FOR MEMPHIS, TN. EASY 5 POINTS!!

Administrator answers:

Http:// <<< right here — sign up and ask for one to be mailed to you

Helen asks…

What are large dogs that can own at apartment?

I want Labrador Retriever, but not good for apartment? They are used as guide dog. Maybe he can`t do exercise at my home but I will take him to park and make him run free for long time.

Administrator answers:


If you are not on the ground floor and you do not have a fenced garden imagine the problems a puppy or even an older dog will create. Your dog will need to be walked regardless of the weather, it may need to have the mud washed off its coat and then dried. Can you carry a dirty dog up stairs or take it in the lift? Have you somewhere to wash it in your apartment/flat?

What do you do when it wants a pee in the middle of the night, Is it safe for you to take it out during the night? Will you mind going out in your nightwear?

When your dog wakes up in the morning, it will not cross it legs until you get dressed. Will you again take it downstairs for a pee? In all of this consider the fact that if you are not at home during the day to housetrain your dog it will pee and poo.

Have you ever heard a dog cry when it is left alone? If you are at work you will be unaware of this. Have you considered the other tenants and neighbours? They will almost certainly complain, then what. Eventually you may be asked to vacate your apartment/flat and make good the damage before you leave. Have you considered how many landlords will take you and a dog?
People part with their dogs every day because they cannot find accommodation.

David asks…

Does anyone know of a good apartment complex in west st. louis mo.?

We just found out the my husband got offered a job in St. Louis (near the creve coeur area) and we are frantically looking for an apartment. I am unable to get to the st. Louis area and have been searching and apartment guide, but would like opinions from people who have actually seen some of these apartments. thanks

Administrator answers:

You will find many apartments in that area and in the Maryland Heights area, just to the North. To the South and in Creve Couer things will be a bit higher as it is a bit more upscale. I would suggest a trip to the area if possible to scout out locations. Much depends upon what your needs and desires are, so it is a very hard question to answer. You may also want to look at the St. Charles area which is immediately to the West across the Missouri River. Don’t go too far North or South so that you can save gasoline commuting.
If I can be of any help in offering you some guidance please feel free to email me.


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