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May 8, 2013

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know anything about the deer valley regency apartments?

My husband and I are moving to phoenix in april. Were looking at a few different apartments. Does anyone know anything about the deer valley regency apartments? Are they nice? nice neighborhood?? I would really like your input. I also have a 1 year old, so im trying to look for somewhere safe..
also if you know of any nice apartments lemme know. were looking to stay around the 750 a month range.

THank you.

Administrator answers:

I would try to find the complex on a website that has apartment reviews or ratings. It will give you real renters reviews and feelings on the places. You may want to look at a website for apartment listings like

Ken asks…

Know any good apartments for rent in Louisville KY?

I am looking for an apartment that is in a very safe area, within walking distance of many locations, clean, and is fairly new / nice. I am willing to pay at most $600-700.

I have looked on many websites but most of the complexes advertising have bad reviews. Looking for answerers with experience on this. People who live in the area.

Tips on areas to move to are also welcome. :)

Administrator answers:


here’s two :)

Daniel asks…

I’m moving 2000 miles for college. what is the cheapest way to get all my stuff down there?

I am moving from Detroit, Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona for college. I’m moving into an apartment and i’d like to bring all my stuff, including my motorcycle, I’m not bringing my car. I was wondering what the cheapest way to get it all down there?

Administrator answers:

Try this website

give yourself at least a week to let people bid, don’t take the cheapest offer but the one with the highest ratings

Chris asks…

Can bad credit and no credit balance out for approval?

My husband and I are looking for apartments. Most check credit history on both applicants. I have bad credit, he does not, not even any, due to the fact that he just became a U.S resident. We are concern about this. Is there something we can do?

Administrator answers:

The only way to offset bad credit is to establish new credit with a satisfactory payment history.I know this sounds like a Catch 22 since your bad credit is what prevents you from being approved for new credit. No credit ratings at all is almost, but not quite, as bad as derogatory credit. If I were you I would try applying for a store care like Penney’s or Sears …. Both of you. Those kind of cards are typically easier to qualify for than visas and mastercards. Just keep in mind, store cards also have a higher interest rate and only charge what you can afford to pay off monthly. If either of you can qualify for a store care, do use it once a month for several months and once you’ve established a good payment record you’ll be much more likely to qualify for other types of credit. Best of luck.

Lisa asks…

What are the best places to stay (apartments) in Duluth, GA and surrounding areas?

I will like to move around the Atlanta, GA surrounding area sometime the end of this year. I will like the know the top places (apartments) to move to (mainly north of Atlanta). I will like to know the following:
*The location (How far from Downtown Atlanta)
*The price ranges
* Environment/Surroundings/Ratings/Attractions and etc.
*What type of colleges as well.

Please give me your honest opinion.

Administrator answers:

The area around Gwinnett Place mall (I-85/Pleasant Hill Road) has many apartment complexes and is ~24 miles north of downtown Atlanta (straight up I-85). This area is outside of the city limits of Duluth but has a Duluth Address. – This section of town is mostly retail and business but has quite a few nice apartment options very convenient to the interstate. If you want to take the train into Downtown rather than driving it is quite easy to hop on one of the express buses from Gwinnett Place Mall or from one of the park & ride lots in this area. They have direct express routes to the Doraville Marta station with connections all around Dekalb and Fulton County.

Here are a few options in this area.


The area isn’t “bad” however If you are looking for a nicer (and more expensive) area – the “Johns Creek” neighborhood is quite a bit nicer; it is also further from downtown Atlanta (27.7 miles however~1/2 of that is via Peachtree Industrial Parkway rather than the Interstate and will take longer; especially during peak traffic times – you can easily expect it to be >1 hour each way) – The commute alternatives are not as promising in this area. There aren’t many public transit options out of this area – The only one I know of is which has a pretty limited service window and it would be quite difficult and expensive to use alternative transit if you have to get back during off hours. One option a lot of people use is to drive the ~8 miles to the Mansell Road Park and Ride facility in Alpharetta; they have express buses (Route 140) from there down GA-400 that connect to the Rail System at North Springs. Http://

Some Apartment Options

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