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Your Questions About Apartment Ratings

June 18, 2012

David asks…

Can you really depend on apartment ratings for advice on apartments or is a lot of it lies?

Administrator answers:

Because renting an apartment is such a personal thing, nothing beats a visit to the apartment yourself. You would be the best judge if an apartment is right for you regardless of its ratings or lack thereof.

Helen asks…

What’s a good website to look at apartment ratings?

Administrator answers:
While most of the accounts sound true, some people only go to these sites to “bash” a community because of a bad isolated personal experience they had.
Before I sign a lease, I go to the community morning, day, and evening to see whats going on in the community. Also, on your way in or out, ask two or three of the residents that actually live there how they would rate the apartment.

Mark asks…

Apartment ratings on Yelp or ApartmentGuide?

I’ve been looking around for an apartment, and when I looked at Yelp or ApartmentGuide, it seems like all the ratings for all the apartments are horrible.

I wonder if I should take them seriously (like with restaurant ratings – which are mostly accurate) or with a grain of salt. Do the people who rate tend to be the rare truly dissatisfied bunch? Or, is it kind of like the ratings for car dealerships, where everyone expects too much?

It seems like my family and friends who have lived in apartments always seem to have excellent relationships with the management and don’t have problems. Is it that I’m looking at the wrong apartments, or is there a strong low-rating bias in reviews?

Administrator answers:

I think when it comes to apartments, people only tend to complain when they are unhappy. If you had everyone who was also very pleased with where they lived posting, it would be a different story.

Also remember that a good portion of the time, the person complaining has done something wrong and is retailiating – they have been late, had lease violations, or they pay $200 a month and expect $2000 a month level of living. Also you will find ex-employees on there posting nasty things for retaliation too.

I don’t pay attention to either of these sites. If you want a good opinion, go to the community you want to live and walk around and talk to the residents one on one. You’ll get a much better picture.

Lizzie asks…

What are your ratings for Sims Seasons and Sims Apartment Life?

Do you like the games listed up above? Also, rate them out of ten please! 10 being the best! What is your favorite expansion pack too!?!?

Administrator answers:

Seasons 9/10
Apartment Life 8/10

Oh to answer the other question I love all of the sim expansions. My personal fav is bon voyage.

Lisa asks…

I gave the deposit for a new apartment in houston. Can i trust apartment ratings websites?

I already gave the deposit to move into a safer apartment due to high crimes in my area.
Someone’s car tires were stolen a few weeks ago and a guys legs were shot and they took him to the hospital in the middle of the night. I told about this to as many people as i can since the management likes to keep it quiet. Anyway as much as 5-6 families are moving out soon and some already did.

I saw this another apartment near by called meyergrove apts. I loved the place the people. it’s about 30 mins from where i live right now .
But something is worrying me -
They have a sister property called Meyer oaks . I checked their ratings and its’ only 62% in . But the apartment management i gave my deposit to , have a 100% rating.
and they are all Great ratings.

Now the sister property is only maybe 5 mins from this property.
how’s it that the sister property have 60% only rating and this property have 100%???
Can i trust them ??
i gave the deposit in a haste and didn’t think too much. I talked to some guys outside the apartment who lived near by and they said ” this is a great place to live”!! .- which i believe too..


what do you think ??

Administrator answers:

I trust I am familiar with the two properties in question and yes they are close but what you have to realize is the ratings are based on so much more than safety. Meyer Oaks may have gotten lower ratings based on other criteria such as parking,amenities, maintenance, etc. Rather than safety. Meyergrove’s residents or former residents may have felt that complex was really good in all areas. You also have to remember that this is the opinion of only those who have rated and some of these ratings are years old.

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