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June 2, 2013

Ken asks…

Can my landlord charge me for a whole month if I moved in on the 20th?

I moved into my new apartment (Indiana) and my landlord charged rent for one whole month. I looked up my apartment complex on the Better Business Bureau and they had an “F” rating.

Administrator answers:

IF YOU checked out this apartment before you decided too pack your bags before you moved in contacted the current landlord ran back fourth too look at it, payed the security deposit, and assuming first last months rent, then the rents, first month starting out packed left your old place moved into the new one, with a f rating, assuming you knew of the f rating at first, then why in the hell would you want something that sounds like a complete dump with a f ratings. Sounds like a real dive and a slum lord. Makes no sense. And as far as paying on the 20th, the landlord should prorated the rents. Starting on the 20th then, started charging you on the first of september. I hope you, got receipts. It sounds like you signed a lease. None of this makes any sense. A f rating. Why you moved into this dump has us wondering do you really know what your doing??

Joseph asks…

How do I mount pictures on my wall.?

I had recently moved into my new apartment, but i wasnt able to drill the screw into the wall. When my boyfriend came over he said that I couldnt because I had Jibson board walls. Does anyone know what I need to do to mount these pictures?

Administrator answers:

There is a new brass picture hanger on the market that comes in various weight ratings. The brass nail drives in at an angle and works very well. Doesn’t do any damage to the wall except for a pin-hole which can be plugged with a pencil point of white-out, etc

Linda asks…

Does a “Firewall” need to be part of a building or can it be free-standing?

I am an architecture student and I am designing a 3-story apartment building. The building is 9 meters (29.5 feet) high and the firewall would probably need to be about 10 meters (33 feet) high. Does the firewall need to be part of the building’s structure or can it be free-standing (separate from the building)?

Administrator answers:

A firewall can be free standing, or an integral part of a structure. Technically speaking, the National Fire Protection Association calls them fire walls. No big deal. It is important to know that fire walls can have different ratings. The ratings are stated in hours. One needs to know the intent of the fire wall, in order to know it will do the job intended.

In initial design it would be unusual to protect a building or exposures to a building with a free-standing fire wall. It would seem less expensive to incorporate the fire wall as an exterior wall for the building.

Jenny asks…

can my current landlord give negative feedback to potential landlord?

I have had horrible experiences with the poor construction, loud neighbors, awful cooking odors at my current apartment complex. I have brought issues to the property manager on several occasions and the problem really rests with inconsiderate neighbors and thin walls. I asked about getting out of my lease a little early. I got an E-mail from the property manager today stating I may get out of my lease any with 30 days notice without penalties and she also accused me of posting negative feedback on apartment ratings. I did post a negative comment based upon my own experience. But I didn’t create multiple negative comments which is what she accused me of because the wording was similiar-because many people here are having similiar issues!
I need to know if they can give negative feedback to a potential future landlord. I have good credit, never missed a rent payment and can provide proof of employment.
I am concerned they will try to screw me. Thanks for feedback!
Thank you Rob, I guess what I am afraid of is wouldn’t any potential landlord want to verify history with current property management?

Administrator answers:

They can say the truth. The truth is that you complainted often about things out of their control, you posted negative feedback for things out of their control PLUS you broke your lease.

Did you really complain about cooking odors??? Just when I thought I’d heard it all.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know of any good apartments in the Richardson, TX area?

I have to find an apartment by the end of this month. I’m looking to spend 600 dollars for a one bedroom apartment. A safe area with a low crime rate is the most important attribute I’m looking for. The Richardson- Plano Texas area is where I would like to move to. Thanks for any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Go to Check out all the apartments in the vicinity that you are interested in. Apt. Ratings has comments from past and present renters.

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