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June 13, 2013

Steven asks…

How much is it to live in an Apartmet Ussualy that costs $745 a month but how much for the Amenieties?

I am moving out with a friend into an apartment so Two people how much will it cost all and all together?

Administrator answers:

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Helen asks…

i am relocating to Raleigh NC I am looking for a good area to move to?

I do not want to move where the crime ratings is high. I currently live in ohio suburbs and want to feel comfortable in Raleigh. Do anyone know a good area.

Administrator answers:

I would recommend that you start looking in the North Raleigh area.

If you’re looking to rent, there are a bunch of nice apartment complexes in that area. If you’re looking to buy, the housing is affordable.

It’s a good area that has a safe, family feel to it. But it’s also close enough to downtown so you don’t feel isolated.

I would define this area a being bound on the South by the inner beltway (440), on the West by Glenwood Avenue/US 70, on the east by Old Wake Forest Road/Falls of the Neuse, and to the North by the Strickland Rd.

It’s a pretty big area, but it’s a safe, comfortable place.

Sharon asks…

Looking at apartments for the first time, what do I check out?

I’m finally moving out of my parents house and looking through apartments, I have no idea what to look for to be sure there aren’t any problems or bugs, plumbing issues etc. My dad is a carpenter and he’ll be with me so I hope he knows everything but I wanted to get a list put together to be sure nothings missed. What should I look for?

Administrator answers:

Drive around the complex at different times of the day and night to see if it’s noisy or if there are scary people hanging around, etc. You can even stop people who are getting in and out of their cars and ask them if they like living there.

Check out apartment ratings on the web. I see there is a yelp in Canada –

Sometimes large complexes won’t’ let you see the actual unit you will rent – they will show you a model unit. When I was renting, I had bad experience with this, as the unit I ended up with was a dump compared to the model.

Having your dad will be really helpful in seeing things regarding maintenance.

Enjoy your first apartment!

Laura asks…

what are some nice affordable apartments in orlando fla area w/good ratings?

Need an affordable apartment in the Orlando ,Fl. area to rent (approx 700.00 mo 2bedrm)would like to have a clean well maintained low crime place.Help me find one PLEASE!

Administrator answers:

Clean, low crime, Orlando, and $700 for 2 bedrooms.??? Sorry, but those all don’t mix…unless you have lower standards of what is clean and what is safe.

Lizzie asks…

Looking for affordable and safe apartments in the DC area?

I’m looking to move to DC from out of state.

Anyone who lives in DC, please recommend me some apartments that offer affordable rent and a safe community. Cleanliness is important as well.

If anyone knows of a site that might assist me further I’d be happy to hear about it.

Administrator answers:

A lot of DC depends from neighborhood to neighborhood. Anacostia (in the southeast) and Trinidad/H street (northeast) is pretty rough.

I’ve heard that the area around American University/Friendship heights is decent.

You can visit and also

If you google a neighborhood you might be able to pull up some crime statistics or real time crime information.

If you live in the DC metro area– Maryland or Virginia (Silver Spring, Rockville, Alexandria…) you can find some decent places. Just visit them first and look at their ratings for an idea (apartment ratings aren’t perfect…some people are just complaining, but you can get an idea).

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