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June 27, 2013

Carol asks…

Where’s a good place to live in connecticut in the stratford area?

my husband got a job in stratford, and looking for somewhere to live based only on apartment listings has me a little overwhelmed. I’d like to know what cities in that area are safe, fun, and affordable. I’m not looking to party, I’d prefer somewhere with bookstores, cafes, and the such – which stay open later.

Administrator answers:

Hi there,not quite sure if this will help,but here goes,

Rodeway Inn
10 Washington Parkway, Stratford, CT – (203) 377-6288
“… Come stay at the Rodeway Inn hotel when visiting the Stratford area. We offer the finest New England hospitality around. You will be pleased with our service, …”

Ramada – Stratford
225 Lordship Boulevard, Stratford, CT – (203) 375-8866
“… Looking to buy or sell home in Stratford CT? We specialize in Fairfield county and the surrounding area. Learn more. …”

Shakespeare Arms Apartments
498 Sherwood Pl, Stratford, CT – (203) 377-3771
“… Shakespeare Arms Apartment Ratings, Reviews, Map, Rents, and other Stratford apartments for rent from …”

Stratford Condominium Association Inc
1700 Broadbridge Ave, Stratford, CT – (203) 375-2922
“… Search Free Listings in Your Area! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & More. Stafford Apartments Free Search for Apts in …”

Camelot Apartments
2580 Main St, Stratford, CT – (203) 375-8654
“… Stratford, CT has 2 locations with apartments for rent. Select any apartment from the Stratford apartments list and view everything you need to make the right

Stratford Boat Owners Association
475 Sniffens Ln, Stratford, CT – (203) 378-3158
“… Popular Searches: Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping. To find local jobs in Stratford, CT enter keyword and start browsing by clicking the search button. …”

Stratford Council Clerk
2725 Main St, Stratford, CT – (203) 385-4035
“… In 2005, the Town of Stratford elected its first Mayor, James R. Miron (D) to a four-year term. In addition to the Mayor, the Town elects a ten member Town …”

Stratford Housing Authority
295 Everett St, Stratford, CT – (203) 375-4483
“… The Authority is also contracted to manage, throughout the greater Bridgeport area, in excess of 600 apartments operated by the State Department of Social …”

Atria Stratford
6911 Main St, Stratford, CT – (203) 380-0006
“… Here are a few more of the amenities featured at Atria Stratford: – Choice of studio, one-and two-bedroom apartments – 24-hour and on-site staff and emergency …”

Exit Realty Center
251 Hope St, Stamford, CT – (203) 324-9393
“… This Stamford real estate Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton, Ridgefield, Fairfield, Stratford area school districts, …”

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there you go,hope this helps good luck…
Ps try the links…

Mary asks…

Should my fiance and I buy a house after we are married?

I would like to look into buying a home after I am married. We both live with our parents, so when we are married we will have to find somewhere to live. We have some money saved (enough for the FHA down payment minimum 3-5%). We don’t want to get an apartment because all of the money we have saved will go into rent and utilities. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Well, when you buy a house you will still be paying utilities and rather than rent, you’ll be paying INTEREST to bank. With only a 3.5% down payment, you will be paying mostly interest, and very little towards building your equity in your home. So pay rent to bank for use of money (interest) or rent to apartment.. . . . . .
If your jobs are stable, your relationship is solid, then you may want to consider a home/condo as a longterm investment. But you will not be much (if any) ahead of renting for quite some time. 5-10% down is better than 3.5%, and with 20% down you avoid extra expense of PMI. Look at some amortization tables to see the impact of various down payments on what amount you pay over the life of your loan.

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William asks…

Cheapest place to stay near the Grand Palladium resort?

My cousin is getting married at the Grand Palladium resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The resort is way too expensive, so I am looking to stay in a condo or apartment that is close to there. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You may be able to find an inexpensive hotel. Try They will list all the hotels in the area with star ratings and guest feedback as well as pricing.

There are also rental websites that feature condos and apartments. Google rentals in the city you’re looking for.

Ruth asks…

Whats a good company to apply for employment in North Carolina?

I’m thinking about relocating to Charlotte NC if I can find a job. How do I find out the high crime area? I called the Visiting Center for North Carolina and they weren’t helpful. Who should I call to get more info about apartments, jobs, crime, education and safe neighborhood for my children?

Administrator answers:

Try Tell give housing information, plus school ratings and other facts about each area.

Donna asks…

If the NFL is Bigger, Then Why Do The Top 20 College Football Stadiums Seat More than their NFL Counterparts?

Television ratings show that the NFL has approximately double the Nielsen rating (TV viewership) of College Football. Newspaper pages devoted to the NFL far exceed that of College Football.

Therefore, I have never understood why the Top 20 largest College Football stadiums seat considerably more people (average capacity around 87,000) than the Top 20 largest NFL stadiums (average capacity around 75,000).

It seems to me that the NFL could put 100,000 asses in the seats for each game if their stadiums were that big, but are choosing not to build stadiums that large for some other reason. Is the NFL bound by its TV contract to limit seating capacity so that TV viewership isn’t harmed?

Administrator answers:

For the reason you cite; ratings (along with the $1M luxury apartments).

The NFL may even purposely keep the seating capacity down. If a game is not sold out prior to the Thursday of game week, it cannot be shown in the home market.

If not for sell-outs, the ratings (and revenues) would be much lower. They’d be shooting themselves in the foot!

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