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July 8, 2013

Sandra asks…

does wattage really matter when switching to fluorescent light bulbs?

I just moved into a new apartment, the ceiling light is really dim there are two bulbs (three sockets). One bulb is 60 watts the other is 52 watts. The fixture says to only go up to 60 watts. I have 3 20 watt fluorescent bulbs that I would like to put in. They say that they are for a 75 watt replacement. Will this overload the fixture if it is only rated up to 60 watts? or becasue the bulbs are actually only 20 watts will it be fine?

Administrator answers:

The 60 watt limit is for incandescent lamps and is set to limit heat build up in the fixture. With three lamps, you are limited to a total of 180 watts. You can replace them with 100 watt equivalent CFLs as they only draw about 25 watts each. The limiting factor is physical size of the CFLs.

I have two 100 watt equivalent CFLs in my ceiling fixture. Not even close to overloading the circuit or excessive heat build up. Actually, there’s less circuit load and heat build up with CFLs than incandescent.

CFLs have two wattage ratings. I call the higher one the equivalent light output of a comparable incandescent lamp. The one you really need to pay attention to is the actual wattage consumption stamped on the side of the CFL. That’s how much true wattage the lame will consume.

Robert asks…

Does anyone know if these apartments are any good?

I will be staying at the university forest apartments in houston, tx (clear lake) to attend school. I was wondering if anyone had any reviews on the place as i have read some reviews online but they were so up and down I dont know what to believe. Some said it was amazing (these people were accused of being paid off) and some said it was the worst place to live. Can anyone plz HELP!!

Administrator answers:

Google “apartment reviews” It should pull up the apartment ratings website people rate apartments all over the country on there.

Edit; Ok i just went the extra mile and found the site for you and the HOuston TX website. Here it is look up particular apartment name on this site:

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know if the Starr Apartments complex is still around in Nacogdoches, TX?

I used to live there and was wondering if they are still there. They were right across from the intramural fields. If they’re still there, any website?

Administrator answers:

Hi there,can not find the one your asking about,you have the address,they might of changed the name,will post these for you maybe they will help…

Northpark Apartments
2805 North St # D, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 564-3112
“… I have been living at Northpark Apartments for about two months or so. I paid for three and a half months in advance so I didn’t have to sign a six month lease. …”

Rio Del Oro Apartments
2807 Pearl St # 101, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 569-7348
“… Apartments are now called Univerity Club Apts. The only staff person left from when I first moved in is now gone. This new guy in the office is letting anyone …”

Chevy Chase Apartments
1710 E Starr Ave, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 569-6364
“… These apartments are the best value in Nacogdoches. I lived there for several years and never once had a complaint. The management worked with me in every way …”

Dogwood Village Apartments
5109 Northway Dr, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 554-4035
“… No office, no pool, no extra amenities, but no rowdy neighbors or problems are the result. Just peace and security. And much lower rent than other complexes. …”

Northridge Arms Apartments
1811 North St, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 569-0032
“… The apartments had roach problems, but no worse than most of the other apartment complexes that I lived in or visited during my enrollment to SFASU. …”

Banita Creek Apartments
327 W College St, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 560-4768
“… I lived in Banita Creek Apartments for 3 years after living in the dorms for my freshman year of college. The office staff was always super nice, …”

Whisper Oaks Apartments
4721 N University Dr # 104, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 560-2080
“… Though the buildings are somewhat older, the apartments are generally clean and spacious. Maintainance has been pretty good, and the problems have all been …”

Windhill Apartments
1324 Pruitt Hill Dr, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 560-1771
“… Comparing my new apartment to Windhill, I would say my new one stands well above Windhill Apartments hands down. I would not recomend moving to Windhill unless …”

Orleans Square
4203 NE Stallings Dr # 806, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 560-4180
“… Banita Creek Apartments Ratings, Reviews, Map, Rents, and other Nacogdoches apartments for rent from …”

Stone Fort Apartments
133 Old Line Dr, Nacogdoches, TX – (936) 564-0629
“… When I first moved in to these apartments I got a one bedroom, but after my boyfriend moved in with me we upgraded to a two bedroom. Both apartments are big …”

Nacogdoches Apartments
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Nacogdoches Apartments
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can you see where im coming from,hope theyhelp good cannot find reference to intramural fields.

Linda asks…

I would like to move to North Carolina in about a year, how could I plan this move?

I live in NY now, I would like to move in about a year or so. I know its too early to search for apartments now, but I feel like I should be planning more, I have young children so I don’t want to move without preparing first. Thanks in advance for your answers.

Administrator answers:

Your children, your job, and your financial abilities will be the main deciders for where you move. I’ve listed a few websites to help you sort through all the things that will be important to you including crime rates, type of crimes committed, populations, median household income, races, genders, schools and school ratings, and weather expectations. Just type in a city and it’ll give you the data – all based on IRS records, tax records, census information, school records, and the like.. I lived in Fayettevill, NC (military) for a while. I loved it. I hear Charlotte is a great place for family and Raleigh/Durham is great for career minded people and college students. The mountains are absolutely stunning on the western border.

Enjoy your move! You should have plenty of time to consider your family’s needs. A realtor can help you pinpoint specific neighborhoods of interest and a church may can make recommendations as well.

Chris asks…

What role do breakers have in providing electricity to an apartment ?

Also how is it that some rooms had light when others did not ? (My landlord
was able to fix this – but I would like clarification in case this happens again)

Administrator answers:

A breaker is a fire protection device. Electrical wires have ratings and come in different gauge or size. They also must be insulated, with rubber usually. When current moves through a wire, it creates heat. If too much current is moving through too small of a wire, it creates too much heat for the wire and the rubber melts. When this happens, it causes a fire between the heated melting rubber and materials of a house or building. When too much current is being moved, the breaker detects this by the measure of current/heat and shuts off by a mechanical switch. The load, which is the appliances using the wire must not draw over the current rating of the breaker or it shuts off. This is when there is too much power coming through the breaker because the voltage times the current, equals power being used. Basically if the breaker switches off, you are drawing too much power through the wire and this can also happen if a load is shorted or a bad appliance. A short is when there is little resistance to draw power, which will cause the current flow to increase dramatically, but the breaker shuts off the flow of current. After you have found the problem that caused the breaker to switch, it is recommended that you switch the breaker on and off and then on. This is because of the mechanical characteristics of the switch.

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