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July 15, 2013

Ruth asks…

Some online sites with (good ratings) that sell Furniture FREE shipping or little cost to shipping?

I’m moving into an apartment and i have NO furniture. And NO MONEY.
I need cheap cute furniture that has no to little shipping..comfy, stylish, and reliable service.

Administrator answers:

Furniture is too heavy to have free shipping. You need to buy it locally.

Sandra asks…

Can I use a 115v standard prong into a 125v 20A outlet?

I am not sure I am using the right terminology or language but I am in a bind because I lack availabe 115 outlet in my bedroom and living room. However, the living room has a 125v 20a and looks similar to the standard outlets in the apartment of 115 or so. I am hoping someone can help me solve my summer problem of no air or air for this outlet of 125 is all I have to work with unfortunately.

Administrator answers:

The nominal standard delivery voltage (st 60Hz) is 120v. However, the actual open circuit voltage may be anywhere been 115 and 120 v, and may actually sag lower depending on loading on the system.

Devices such as plugs and receptacles are given nominal ratings such as 115v or 120v, but they are all interchangeable. So yes, you can plug a 115v appliance into a 120v receptacle.

Laura asks…

Where is a good place to live in Colorado Springs?

I am moving to Colorado Springs and am not sure on crime and safety as well as good apartment complexes that are affordable. I am going cross eyed cross referencing ratings and complexes and maps. Appreciate your help and insight. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Check They actually rate the schools and give other neighborhood info with the listings.

Donald asks…

What is the best place to live around Cranbury NJ?

I recently got a job in Cranbury NJ and am looking for an apartment
(1 bed) near Cranbury (within 30 minutes drive) with max rent of 1200

Princeton seems like an option but good apartments in Princeton are expensive (my limit is 1200/month). A lot of apartments in the area have very bad ratings on Any suggestions on nearby area or specific apartments would be very helpful.

Administrator answers:

Friends live in nearby Edison and they love the place !

Lizzie asks…

Would you recommend Advenir at Lake Highlands apartments in Dallas, Tx?

I am moving to the Dallas area in a couple of months and would love a review of this apartment or possibly a recommedation of another apartment in this area and around $650 for a 2 br place. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I have tried to do an online search and the website below is the only thing I can come up with. The property may have changed names. I cannot find any site showing reviews or ratings which makes me think it has changed ownership and names.

And I doubt if you’re going to find a 2 bedroom for $650. It would be more likely to be $800 to $950. Most 1 bedrooms run about $700+ water bill ($25) + covered parking ($25). Sorry, but prices have gone up, especially in north Dallas.

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