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July 29, 2013

John asks…

Renting an apartment in my brother’s name?

I am currently on a lease with an ex-boyfriend until the end of December. He has been paying the rent there for 4+ months on his own and has agreed to do so because he has bad credit and nowhere else to go.

I also have a debt of $700 (for carpet) that I owe to a property which I am still paying off (was initially $1,000). No evictions, however, I have little to no chance to rent a decent apartment where I live with my situation. I’ve contacted all apartment finders. They did find one, but this one got a review of 6% on apartment ratings, so no thanks, I’ll pass.

I have asked my brother to help me rent. I am very good with paying my rent, never been late or without a job. I love my brother to death and would never put him in a situation that I know would jeapordize his credit unless I was positive I can go through with it. He is 20 yrs old (21 in November). I am 21 (22 in May).

We are both in college, but he is in college in a dorm and doesn’t plan to rent anytime soon. By the time my other lease is up, I should have my debt paid and I can rent on my own.

My bro doesn’t live anywhere around the area, he’s about 200 miles away. My dad owns a business and has agreed to write a few checks to show he is working so he’ll qualify and will confirm his employment, other than that, his rental history is clean as he is a first time renter.

I am just really worried that I will get caught. I feel that if I do, I can really convince the apartments because I have a steady job for over 2+ years and won’t be breaking any rules. I just need to get my stuff together and now is my chance.

I feel like i’m breaking a lot of laws. I guess I just need assurance that I’ll be okay…
By the way, I live in Dallas, TX
My ex is also on the lease. The only way the apartment said to get my name off is to rerun the application in his name alone and he did not qualify, so the only thing we can do (other than paying 3,000) is to rent it out because he is staying there regardless.

I wanted to keep the apartment but he fought me for it and I felt bad so I let him keep it because he’s in worse condition than me. But he is doing very well with a steady job and paying the rent, plus the thousands of dollars he’s paid to finally get stuff started on his credit, he will not put himself back in that position.
Okay ya’ll freaked me out. I won’t do it. I don’t want to do anything to potentially ruin my brothers future.

Anything else you can think of other than motels? Can my brother co-sign for ME? Will it go through? I’m open to suggestions… I don’t want to live in a roach infested home with the 6% rating the other place got and I don’t want to live with my ex. It’s not a comfortable situation at all.

Administrator answers:

You;ve already got an apartment in your name. What if ex bf doesn’t pay… You will be persued for the money as you are legally responsible to pay the rent. Does that landlord even know that someone else is living there? You are already breaking a lease contract by doing what you are doing and now you are talking about putting someone elses credit on the line when you’ve already got your own on the line. This is rediculous. Go live in the apartment you are supposed to be living in and kick out the ex bf and let him figure out another situation for himself… He’s a big boy.

Oh, misunderstood… So he’s also on the lease. Well go live there with him and ride out the lease. You got into a lease with him knowing full well that relationships can break up. Too bad.. Like i said, youve got a place… Go live in it.

Susan asks…

Thinking about painting my apartment. Would like to find out who has the best price for paint?

example: home depot, sherwin williams. looking for price by the can and supplies…any help would is really appreciated

Administrator answers:

Consumer reports just rated paints and one of the best is Kilz from Walmart at $19/gal.
Behr was rated best paint but it’s $24/gal.. However Home Depot often has sales on Behr paint.

Here is link to the ratings. Have fun.

Donna asks…

What are the safe neighborhoods to live in Houston, Texas for a single female?

So I have lived near the Pearland/Friendswood area my whole life, so i don’t really have any knowledge of anything North of Houston.
I just got a new job in downtown Houston and will be attending school there next year.
I’m looking for apartments but seem to be having bad luck due to ratings they are given.
Which neighborhood/apartments would you recommend?

Administrator answers:

I have lived in the woodlands area for the last 15 years and some of my kids even live there i fill its as good as it can be, my daughter is 23 and signal and lives down from me , i hope this helps

Laura asks…

I am looking for a Cheap and Budget Hotel or Serviced Apartment near Madiwala, Bangalore.?

I am looking for a Cheap and Budget Hotel or Serviced Apartment near Madiwala, Bangalore. My budget is Rs.600/ and i need it for 2 months time for a 2 member family.

Administrator answers:

Hi Vally,
I would like to suggest you following link where you ll get better information with user ratings and contact details of it. Wish you you ll get budget hotel or service apartment as soon as possible.

Michael asks…

How safe/advisable are resettable fuses?

I’d love to hear from some electricians on this one. We are currently renting an apartment in town that we’re using as an office. It’s in a lovely old building, but the electrics are very old. It still has a fusebox and not a lot of outlets. We keep extra fuses on hand, and haven’t actually blown one yet, but I’m wondering about investing in some resettable fuses, such as the one shown here:

Are these safe to use? Any precautions? Is 20A the highest amperage they come in?

Thanks in advance!
BTW, since we don’t own the place, replacing the fusebox with a breaker box is NOT an option.

Administrator answers:

I have and still do use fuses similar to the one you have shown. In my experience, I find them to be as safe as the standard screw in fuse. 30A is the highest that I have seen, but there may be ones with higher ratings. And of course, as with any overcurrent device, do not replace one with a higher rating. Hope this helps.

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