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August 4, 2013

Robert asks…

Looking For Safe Apartments in Norman OK?


I will be leaving the dorms this next fall and going to an apartment, however I am having a hard time finding a safe apartment! The only restrictions on the apartment is that it always pets (cat) and that it is not an individual lease. I would like to be within 5-10 minutes of The University of Oklahoma, or be within the bus system.

All the best,
I already know resources, asking for opinions of natives.

Also, do not use this thread as a thread for your own questions.

Administrator answers:


A couple good resources to use to make sure apartments are safe and of high quality before moving in are and I have attached links to both below. They will give ratings/reviews on apartment complexes for you.

I also attached a link to the online apartment search I work for, I don’t want to just push our search on you however. Other good sites are,,

Hope this helps!

James asks…

Are there any apartments walking distance to UCLA that has affordable rent and offers other options for people?

to move in without credit? I prefer Westwood Village but Santa Monica ,Beverly Hills and other surrounding areas are alright! Thanks!
Affordable or not I would really Like a place in Westwood Village that will take someone without credit even if they charge a little more $4000 per month is my limit!

Administrator answers:


I have included a couple links that should help you.

1. – Gives ratings and reviews of apartments and landlords.

2. – Same thing as above

3. – As a disclaimer, I do work for this online apartment search. But other great searches you can use are,,, The attached link of our site already has apartments in Westwood Village selected.

Hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

What are the best place to live near/around the Atlanta, Georgia areas as of now?

I will like to live in an area that is good on apartments/condos pricing/ratings and is an safe environment (all around) PLEASE GIVE ME DETAILS ANSWERS (ie locations, names of apartments, pricing/ratings, and etc) THAT WILL BENEFIT ME. I am moving from Kansas.

Administrator answers:

I live in north Atlanta and I can tell you some great areas my list is not in any order. I will give you a complete detailed list of hang out spots,ethnic back grounds and spots to live. I will start with living
1)Vinnings/Smyrna(north west atlanta) is awesome(pricey)but awesome, They are close to two highways, safe and VERY low crime(very,very)beautiful, tight knit, and clean. Price range is 700-1200 dollars. Cumberland mall is close(7 min drive) it is also close to Buckhead.60 percent white.

SIDE NOTE for 1000 dollars you can live ANYWHERE in atlanta(condos, apts, studios, lofts)honestly anywhere.

2)Buckhead(North atlanta) close to 2 highways also, the “it” spot for the city.lots of bars, and clubs. Its the nicest area and most upscale. In Buckhead resides TWO malls(literally right beside each other)Lenox and Phipps Plaza. Price range to live is 800-1500 dollars.70 percent white.

3)Dunwoody(North Atlanta)Clean, low crime, upscale. Perimeter mall is in Dunwoody. Traffic can be horrible, but it is very nice. Price range 800-1200.60 percent white.

4)Little 5 points(east atlanta)NOT 5 POINTS, little five points there is a big difference. Little five points is the hippie/hipster/eclectic pert of town made up or mostly artists, boutiques, shops, and restaurants. Pricey to stay there due to the atmosphere. Comprised of artists, skate boarders, and hippies it is a place to stay if your into the night life and are single. Not really for a family. Price range 600-1200.50 percent white(This area is full of life but also VERY VERY small. The area at max is about 2 miles around, if that.)

5)Atlantic Station(north atlanta)This is the newest part of Atlanta and just recently built about 7 years ago. Themed to look like New York it is comprised of shops, stores, and restauraunts. Pricey to live there, but very very nice,clean and low on crime. Price range is about 800-1600. 70 percent white. (traffic maybe bad due to you being close to Georgia tech, and traffic around 3pm-7pm on intersate 75/85.)

6)Midtown(north Atlanta)This area has a large gay community(not that its a problem),lots of places to shop, dine, and party. Second only to Buckhead as far as how upscale it is. Very pricey to live here.Traffic can be horrible, to live here is mostly a social thing, the good thing is your close to piedmont park(shown in alot of movies and the biggest park in Atlanta homes to many many festivals),to live in this area you will have a great location but this area also is know for horrible traffic. You take the good with the bad.price range 900-1600.80 percent white.

I want you to know that Atlanta is the city of hidden gems. There are TONS of neighborhoods that are in “bad areas” that are to die for. Areas like Glenwood Avenue,North druid hills,toca hills, lindberg, East Ponce de Leon, off of Boulavard/freedom parkway and Downtown Decatur.
Hang out spots

Little 5 points(bars/pubs,clubs,shopping, restaurants)
East Ponce de Leon(bars/pubs,clubs,shopping,few restaurants)
Atlantic Station(bars/pubs,shopping, restaurants)no clubs
Buckhead(Shopping,clubbing, bars/pubs, restaurants)
Sandy Springs(Shopping,bars/pubs,restaraunts)no clubs
Lindberg(shopping,bars/pubs,restaruants)no plubs

Buford highway is prodominately hispanic,indian,and vietnamese
Marietta and some parts of Smyrna prodominately hispanic
South of 20/east atlanta/west atlanta is prodominately black
Jonesboro road toward I-20 is prodominately hispanic and vietnamese
Gwinett county is also prodominately hispanic as well.

Also feel free to email me about any questions you have

Joseph asks…

should I live at the villagio or the lodge at southwest?

I am moving to san marcos, texas and going to Texas State University but I am residing in Florida now and can’t go to san marcos to look at apartments. I was wanting input on which apartment is better.

Administrator answers:

You can use this tool which searches apartment rating sites for information

I did a quick look and it appears that Villagio has better reviews than the Lodge

If you want to shop more for apartments…here is a list of all of them in San Marcos

Good luck

Maria asks…

Is it safe finding a roommate on craigslist?

Okay so I’m thinking of posting an ad on craigslist to find a roommate just to make things a bit easier for me and i was wondering if it was safe. The problem is that I’m a 17 year old girl and live on my own in an apartment in L.a so I’m just kind of scared someone could be like a serial killer or rapist (I know I’m being ridiculous) but you can never be too safe right? So I guess I was just wondering if any of you had experience or just general tips haha. Also I don’t have family that I can reach out to or ask questions so thats why I’m posting on here!

Administrator answers:

Dear Kendall, When I was young there was no such thing as Craigslist, but I and my housemates would basically do the same thing, except our advertising would be through the local paper’s classifieds instead of online. It always worked out fine for us. In hindsight, however, one thing that we did not do but should have, is to run a credit check on the prospective roommate. Of course, not all 17 yos have established credit ratings yet–but in that case, they should have their lease with you co-signed. This would go a long way to protect you should you have a falling out with your roommate and she moved out on the spur of the moment. But having roommates at a young age is definitely worth it, much nicer than living alone. Good luck.

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