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August 12, 2013

Sharon asks…

What’s the best way to start finding an apartment or house to rent in an area you’ve never been to?

But will be moving to soon? Ideally we need a place to live before we get there, so we will be relying on internet mostly to make our decision. How do you start looking?

Administrator answers:

If you plan on renting an Apartment, go to a site called rate my, or…these sites will often have ratings from current or former tenants of a certain complex, and you can decide from that which is the best place to live. If you see a particular place with excessive low is best to avoid. Also, some of these sites will also clue you into the type of area you may be moving into.

Also a no brainer…the cheaper the rent….the more likely it is a ghetto.

Paul asks…

Seriously, do you think its fair that they run a credit check for possible employment?

Just because you have a poor credit ratings doesn’t mean you will steal from a company! I think if that’s why they run a credit check, then its unfair!! my credit sucks but I’m a Stellar employee! Is there any other reason why they run those checks?

Administrator answers:

Actually, I think it’s disgusting. There’s no reason that credit should be forced to be made public, ever. They don’t require private companies to do this, why should companies ask us to do what they don’t want to and don’t have to do. Actually, I’m floating around 800 score and the thing that keeps pushing me down is inquiries from jobs apartments cell phones and other such nonsense things that shouldn’t be accessing a credit report.

I do think that it does sometimes benefit a company if they are hiring someone to handle their money decisions. A CFO an accountant or other finncial decision maker should have decent credit and understand moneymaking decisions enough to have a good credit score. That isn’t to say I agree with it. I personally believe credit is a private matter.

James asks…

How would a CAR LOAN affect my HOME LOAN later?

My wife and I have no loans on cars and no apartment (owned) yet. We want to buy a new car and finance it. How would that affect our home loans (in, say, 6 months)? Do the banks prefer you to have as little debt as possible, or would the car loan be good for our credit because we will be paying the financing on a regular basis for the next half year? We both have great credit ratings.

Appreciate any advice.

Administrator answers:

Yes, it will help your credit rating but depending on your income and the amount you want to borrow to buy the house it could negatively affect your ability to get a mortgage. Don’t go in over your head on the car.

Linda asks…

What is some websites that I can use to find apartments in Cincinnati, OH?

I am moving to Cincinnati, OH, and I would like to live in an appartment and I need help finding one. I am looking for a two bed room and one bath room.

Administrator answers:


I actually work for an online apartment search engine, I placed a link to our site (already on Cincinnati, OH for 2BR/1BA apts) in the references. I don’t want to just push our site on you though, just here to help. So, also try,,,, etc.

Other cool resources are and They offer reviews/ratings of apartments/property managers from past tenants. This can help you find out lots of information before actually moving somewhere.

Hope this helps!

John asks…

Where is a best place to stay during a backpacking trip to Singapore?

I’m backpacking round Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore around December-January next year.. And was wondering about cheap good accommodations you’d recommend, like hostels, rented holiday home/apartments? hotels?
And any websites would be handy…thanks:)

Administrator answers:

Try this Southeast Asia hotels directory website:

You can browse by country and city, and also by type of accommodation (hotels, apartments, hostels, etc), and see photos, maps, and guest ratings for each hotel.
It depends on the exact location, of course, but often 2-star hotels are really inexpensive and more than adequate for backpacking.

Enjoy your trip!

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