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August 21, 2013

Charles asks…

Are utility bills and council tax rates cheaper for a flat/apartment than a house?

In the Bradford/Leeds area. Anyone any idea roughly what the difference would be?

Administrator answers:

Difficult to give a precise answer because council tax is based on a mythical ‘rentable value’ assessed by the local council – so a large flat/apartment in a desirable area of the city may be rated higher and therefore pay more council tax than a small house in a run down part of town.

Local councils are usually very good at giving out council tax ratings – so if you are interested in a flat/apartment ask at the local council offices for an exact charge.

Utility bills are also a bit difficult because they depend on how much of each service you use – in practice a small flat/apartment will probably be less than a house – but if for instance you live in a flat and keep the heating up high for days and days your utilities bill will be quite high – best way to get an assessment is to ask the previous occupant how much their bills were – or ask a friend who lives a similar life style to you in a similar flat.


Betty asks…

Portable Air Conditioners – Do they really work?

We have a really small apartment (900 sq ft) and it faces south/west (maximum sun exposure). The building does not have air conditioning and the windows are not desigend to support standard window mounted air conditioners.

We are nervous to buy a portable air conditioner. I read consumer reports and they gave portable air conditioners very poor ratings.

Have you tried them and do they work? If you have had a positive experience, which one would you recommend?

Administrator answers:

I have 2 portables in my apartment and they keep the whole place cool in the summer…….My apartment is HUGE and has 3 bedrooms……..I love the A/C’s and recommend them to anyone…..We bought 2 cheap ones 5 years ago from WalMart and they are still working great!!!! Good Luck and stop sweating….LOL

Susan asks…

Why does my torrent speed only work good at night time?

Ok Thank you for anyone who is computer handy that responds… This is really bothering me..
I tried googling this answer so I could find out more but wasn’t sure if my situation applied elsewhere so I will give some details

Ok so here goes..

I am connected wirelessly to my neighbors router (next room over from apartment- said I could use free and supposely its cable which i don’t know )

During the day when I wake up .. torrent speed for an average torrent is like .01 KB/S – 5 KB/S sometimes with like 20+ seeds too

sometimes it doesn’t even connect to the other peers and when it does it stays low.. like i only downloaded 10 MB in the past 8 hours for this one torrent for example

Sometimes if the torrent is very popular the speed will get to like 20 KB/S download and afterawhile I kind of got happy which is sad for it being so slow
And my upload speed is even slower

But at night time.. Approx 1 AM on the 9 out of 10 nights The Download Speed went to 100-350 KB/S per torrent which suprised me .. the 1 night it didn’t the internet was down
Then maybe around 8-9 AM it goes slower like 50 KB/S until like 10-11 AM it’s back to mad slow throughout the day and then back to normal at night

My torrent knowledge is very low so would appreciate some help or advice?
I do not have access to the router or anything since i am connected wirelessly.. is there anything I can do?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Well first off 0.1 kbps to 5 kbps – thats just ridiculous slow. Some torrents are like this because the peers (aka leechers) out number the seeds by far. In case you dont know what each is… A seed is a machine with a full copy of what you want… A peer (leech) are people with a partial copy. Peers can still share – but they dont have a full copy. When their partial content is added together – a lot of times you can complete a download with only peers and no seeds – a lot of times you cannot. Either case the speed will be slow.

When you choose torrents, looks for ones that have lots of seeds. Hopefully the seeds will be higher than the number of peers for fast torrents.

Another point to mention is that bandwidth is used a lot more during the daytime hours. Unfortunately, its shared and there is a maximum amount of data that can be sent to your neighborhood (per say). You can go to during the day and hopefully it will, by far, exceed 5kbps.

I bet it will, and your speed issues are probably more related to the seed to peer ratio and whos computer is online at that time. So to sum up… Look for torrents with a lot more seeds than peers. Most torrent sites let you sort by upload date, seeds, ratings etc.

Wish you luck with your no zoom & cheers

@frostfirst: using the neighbors wifi with permission is not theft. I share mine with neighbors and its no trouble at all. Torrents, for the most part, are also not theft. They are used for MANY reasons other than piracy. Apparently you dont like to share and didnt go to kindergarten but dont call people thieves when you dont know what youre talking about douche.

Linda asks…

Has anyone ever lived in the Highwood Place Apartments in Louisville Kentucky?

I am moving to Louisville and I would like to learn more about Highwood Place apartments but I can’t find their ratings anywhere on the internet.

Administrator answers:

Ive lived in louisville for 13 years, and i dont know this place. But i am familiar with most parts of town. What streets is it on/near?

Scratch that…i just found it. Mellwood ave. Isnt a very good part of town. Maybe cheap, but kinda dumpy.

I recommend silver springs apts. 502-386-1760
great part of town, within a mile of almost everything you need. And reasonably priced. 3220 silver springs dr. If you need to find a map/directions.

Nancy asks…

What dog would be a good match?

I may be moving into a small apartment in the country with a good sized yard, and I’m looking for a small dog, probably no larger than 14-16 inches at the shoulder, preferably short hair, low maintenance, and good with children, any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You might take a look at beagles, basenjis, whippets, dachshunds, border terriers, smooth fox terriers, miniature pinschers, Manchester terriers, rat terriers, Parson russell terriers, Brussels griffon, petit basset griffon vendeen (PBGV), basset hound, Boston terrier, bulldog and French bulldog, bull terrier, Miniature bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, pug and Pembroke Welsh corgi.

P.S. Use Seal5′s website only for it’s list of small dogs. Don’t go by their “Low Activity” level ratings, cause most of what’s listed as low activity, isn’t!

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