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July 8, 2012

James asks…

Is there any website for ratings of rental aparments in Orange County?

Hi, I’m relocating to Orange County from Minnesota and would be renting a townhome soon. I have a 3 year kid and am very particular about finding a safer and better home for him. Is there any website for apartment ratings which covers details like maintenance, neighborhood, any sex offenders/child abusers in the area etc.


Administrator answers:

I’ve used this site for apartment ratings:

For sex offender info, I would check the US Dept. Of Justice

or you can go to the sex offender registry for a particular state:

(If I knew which Orange County you were moving to I’d give you the exact link for your region.)

Also, Sperling’s Best Places will let you check out tons of demographic data, crime stats, etc. For any zip code:

Good luck with your move.


Ruth asks…

Can I break a apartment rental lease before I have moved in?

I am supposed to move in a week and went on a apartment ratings site and found that there are a lot of problems at the apts I signed a lease at. My fiance and I want to sign a lease somewhere else. Do I forfeit my security deposit and still have to pay for this apt? We haven’t given a first months rent with the security deposit so I wouldnt think the contract is binding yet? Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

At the very least you’ll probably lose the security deposit. Without reading the lease I couldn’t tell you any more than that. If you actually have signed a lease, the deposit would bind it. Once you sign a lease, you are bound by its terms for the entire term of the lease. So at least in theory you can be held liable for the rent for the full term of the lease. The landlord has a legal duty to make a reasonable effort to find another tenant to minimize your loss but you can be held liable until he gets another suitable tenant.

A well-written lease would address the issue of failing to move in and what the penalty would be. So that’s your first step: Read the lease thoroughly.

Checking up on an apartment complex’s reputation after signing a lease is kind of like shutting the barn door after the horses have all escaped.

Donna asks…

What do you do if every apartment complex near where you want to live has poor ratings online?

Administrator answers:

Ignore the “ratings” they are writen by dead beat tenants. Check them out yourself.

Helen asks…

what are good websites for apartment reviews and ratings ?

added bonus if they are northern california based

Administrator answers: is the best one but u have to create an acct with them!

Lisa asks…

I am going to Phoenix, Arizona for about 6 months and I need help finding a great apartment complex.?

I will be in Phoenix for about 6months and i’m looking for an apartment community that is clean, decent and close to the light rail. The apartment ratings for most places I have reviewed are awful and I don’t know where to start. Can anyone that is living in phoenix now or has lived there- give me the name of a few places where they enjoyed living and had little to no problems. I really need help with this. Thanks

Administrator answers:

It really depends on how much you’d like to spend. There are some very nice places in downtown Phoenix near the light rail but they tend to be loft style and can be quite expensive. And downtown is VERY quiet at night if there isn’t a game going on.

Another option still near the light rail are the apartments near Papago Park (Phoenix Zoo, Botanic Garden area). You’d still be close to the light rail but you’d have more of a residential feel.

Here’s one:

If you’re looking for something less expensive you might want to consider avoiding the rest of the areas near the light rail. The light rail path doesn’t go through the best neighborhoods for the most part. There is a nice new apartment complex directly on the light rail route in Tempe. The floorplans are really cool but again it’s not the best area.


Hope that helps!!!!

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