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October 8, 2012

Mark asks…

What are some good apartments in ST charles MO?

Looking for safe, nice apartments in St Charles. Am moving in October but the apartment they don’t have nice things to say about the apartments in St charles. HELP!

Administrator answers:

Most reviews I see for apartments are bad, but there usually only one or two frustrated people. I live near city center park and i honestly love it here. If your worried about safety just get an apartment with a security system and above all check the area out before you sign, if you get a bad vibe just go find another place. Good Luck!!!


Sandy asks…

Questions to ask when looking at an apartment?

Previously I thought I would get a condo but with condo fees, insurance, having to pay for repairs, and a down payment I just don’t think I can comfortably pay for that.

I will probably rent for at least a year, while looking at apartments, what questions should I ask?
Is there a website that will tell me the ratings like if they actually fix peoples issues that need repaired I definitely don’t want to be stuck with a broken toilet or anything.

Administrator answers:

Real estate is always local. You have to check out the rentals personally and physically. Talk to neighbors, be present when the school bus picks up or drops off the children, go to the police station and ask about crime activity in that area. Visit the groceries and other stores, observe the streets for trash and abandoned cars etc.

The bottom line is you will need to spend some time looking and investigating. Even then you have to be careful about what you rent. Is the roof dry? Is there a problem with pests? Do the appliances work? Did you turn on the burners and the oven? Is the frig cold? Does the A/C and the heat work?

Make a list and check through it. Cheap can be cheap because it is small so an efficiency is less expensive than a one bedroom. But it can also be cheap because it is not kept up, the neighbors are noisy, there are crime problems, transportation is unreliable etc. Etc.

Ken asks…

Apartment in San Mateo/Burlingame?

Hi, we would be moving to Bay area soon and I would like to know if there are any affordable 1BHK apartments under $1250 in San Mateo/Burlingame area. I have seen craigslist, and have gone thru the ratings in apartment as well. Some of the apartments which seemed to be good but the review comments are pretty bad in some or other reason. So are there any genuinely good apartments from your experience in these areas within my budget ?

Administrator answers:

Get a local newspaper, or maybe the web site and see what is being offered

Charles asks…

“are the biscayne bay apartments in Arizona a good place to live?

“are the biscayne bay apartments in Arizona a good place to live? I can not find any arrticles of violence there, but I have seen some people on apartment ratings stating that it is a terrible place to live. Are they just angry ex-renters or are their statements true?”

Administrator answers:

If you didn’t check yet, you might want to have a look at section: rate, AZ-Chandler-Biscayne-Bay!

Joseph asks…

Does apartment living just suck?

I’m moving out this fall (for college) and I just put a deposit on an apartment that I want to reserve so I can look at it before I decide to rent. Then I went on to an apartment ratings site and found out the place had horrible ratings from people who lived there. Mind you, this apartment will be about 1400 a month to rent. I started to panic and decided to look at ratings for other apartments in the area. To my surprise, nearly ALL except the extremely expensive ones were rated horribly.

Why is this? Does all apartment living just suck? Why is every single apartment I am looking at in a wealthy upscale area have horrible ratings from angry tenants?

How can I know how an apartment will be before I live there? Should I trust this online rating system?

Help me, fellow apartment dwellers!
For instance – I see noise complaints on EVERY SINGLE complaint at every complex!

Administrator answers:

The only thing these sites are good for are so angry tenants who didn’t get their way can have a place to moan and complain at.
People who were made to follow the lease or people who didn’t pay and either had to pay late charges or were kicked out.People who couldn’t run over management and got their bluffs called.
That is why you see so many complaints because people don’t want to follow the rules and throw childish tantrums because of it.

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