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November 14, 2012

Sandra asks…

Help. Apartment. First time renter?

I will be getting my first apartment in May of 2011. It will be me, my son, boyfriend and brother. We are going to get a 3 bedroom. So far I found one apartment that fits our price range and all utilities are paid. But on they have a 52% recommendation from previous renters. I am fine with most of the stuff people say because that is your average apartment. What is bothering me is that I see almost everybody complains of leaks and the apartment complex not fixing the problem in a timely matter. I was wondering if I could get the complex to sign an agreement with me saying if they don’t fix our problems within 2 weeks we dont have to pay rent that month or we can break our lease and move out. I know it sounds kinda crazy but I don’t want to move in to somewhere and have a whole bunch of problems. I am a nursing student, have a kid and really who would want to put up with a lot of problems?

The apartments in EL Conquistador in Ks.

Administrator answers:

Honestly is just a website for unsatisfied residents to complain, ive always knocked on a few doors throughout the complex and asked if they enjoyed living there. Some people prefer not to disclose info and some offer great advice. I know for sure you will not get any apts to sign a document saying if they do not fix problems you can withold rent. If they are not fixing problems your best bet is to call corporate. You should always get a response from them in a timely manner. Also sign a short term lease in case you are unsatisfied, if you end up to like living there then sign a longer lease. Good luck

Michael asks…

Need Apartment Recommendations Please!?

My family and I are moving to the Dallas-Mid Cities area of Texas. I’m having a hard time choosing an apartment due to my not being in the area. I can only trust what i see online. I know pictures are worth a thousand words, but looks can be deceiving. I’ve tried agents, but they do get paid to promote the apartments, I’ve tried apartment and have been disappointed that places I like aren’t really recommended. Can anyone give me ideas on which apartments to look at based on experience or neighborhood? I do want a good school system for my 6 year old.

We are looking at Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Euless, Hurst, Grapevine. Our budget is $1000 2 bedroom. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Keller, Colleyville, and Southlake are the high dollar areas. Colleyville and Southlake have very little apartment/condos, mostly VERY expensive single homes. These 3 also have the areas outstanding school systems. Hurst and Grapevine are ok with the usual good and bad areas. The only area good in Euless is north towards DFW airport. $1000 should be able to get you a good deal in this economy.

Betty asks…

Scared of Apartment Living ?

Ok so I married a girl in Mexico and lived with her there for several years. We had a baby together and I was working down there at a good job and everything was nice. We lucked out with an apartment that was new and also really nice for very cheap rent (even for Mexico), but after a couple of years they told us we were going to have to go (they wanted to rent is to someone else). So I started looking around for a job in the US so I could make better $ and live better and here we are.

Problem is, even though I am making WAY better $ the cost of living is higher and we can’t even rent a descent house. I thought once I got the good job it would be all ‘American Dream’ style, but not so much at all. We are living with my parents right now and my parents have a nice, big house but my wife is not at all down with the situation.

So we have to hunker down in an apartment until I can figure out how to get back down to Mexico (life was just better there I think!). But I am nervous to get into an apartment now that I have a family and everything. I finally found one that I like, has a short-term lease, good location and the whole bit. But even then it got really low reviews on the Apartment Ratings website:

So what do I do? Wife says she isn’t happy unless we have our own space. But to me it just makes more sense to live with mom and dad and $ave up for a few months while looking around for another job that’ll let me telecommute. What can I do to reassure myself that I can get along in an apartment for a few months?

Administrator answers:

You’ll be fine. Low ratings are very subjective…unless you have a ton of them saying the same thing. Problem with those ratings online is that people who feel screwed some how will find anything to complain about, some will even log in with different accounts to add more negative ratings. The only way to know what you’re getting into is to go visit the complex yourself, take a tour, ask questions, get things in writing, and compare.

As to the guy who said this is just the way Hispanic women are – what a bunch of bull. Stop being a stereotypical racist old dude.

Paul asks…

Should I Trust The Reviews On Apartment Rating Sites?

I’m Looking For An Apartment In Arlington/Grand Prairie TX And Seem To Have Found Some Good Ones ( I Think Anyway.) I Found This Website That Lets You Rate The Apartment Complex, But It Seems That Everyone Has Something Bad To Say About Them. These Are Some Pretty Upscale Apartments Too, Anyway I Don’t Know If I Should Trust The Ratings Or Not. I Don’t Want To Move Into An Apartment And End Up Hating It. Has Anyone Had Experience With These Websites And Found Them False??

Administrator answers:

I live in a building where some people complain all the time, i know that things are not perfect here, but i love the location, i feel safe and for me the little things that people here complain seem to be a huge waste of energy. I guess you should find out exactly what bad things they are saying and decide if that’s something that would bother you or not.

Donald asks…

how to tell if a townhouse will be quiet?

I’m thinking of buying a townhouse or condo. How do I tell if it will be quiet, or if I can hear everything the neighbors do? I’ve been Googling trying to find sites that rate them but the only one’s I’ve found are for apartment ratings. Is there any way to test while you are looking at a condo or townhome what the noise level will be like?
@ travis… will realtors let you visit that late?

Administrator answers:

Stop by and night and check it out to see. Interview as many neighbors as possible to ask them.

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