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Your Questions About Apartment Ratings

June 5, 2012

Mary asks…

Should I pay attention to apartment ratings that have a low percentage?

I’ve been looking at some of apartments and some of the ones have less than 15% of people that recommend them. Also these apartment reviews mention things such as break-ins, insects inside apartment, and bad maintenance. The insects and maintenance I could judge for myself but I’m concerned when people are talking about a lot of break-ins and there is a very low rating. Should this be a red flag?

Administrator answers:

I would ignore it all. Disgruntled, evicted, dead beats are the ones that post. Normal people rarely seek out websites to post about where they live.

Sharon asks…

is apartment ratings a place for tenants to complain?

i really want to know if this a website tenants go to vent out their problems because things didn’t go their way im moving into my apartment tomorrow and i read about it several times and didn’t pay it know mind but now im wondering if all the bad stuff im reading is true?

p.s. i spoke to a couple of neighbors and they said its quiet and they never had a problem im just confused please help

Administrator answers:

An angry person is always more likely to go online and leave a bad review than someone who had good (or “just fine”) experiences. If you have talked to people there that said it was quiet and everything was fine, then it definitely could have just been bad tenants who were misbehaving or very picky and just wanted to complain.

Mark asks…

When searching for an apartment do you look at ratings online?

It just seems that people always write the bad and never the good, even at the apartment that I live right now, its not bad here just the normal apartment problems but when you look at online ratings everyone is saying only the bad things never anything good. Should I even look at them?

Administrator answers:

I usually use to find properties , it do not have ratting system.

Lisa asks…

Any one know of any good websites for apartment reviews and ratings?

Moving to lafayette La and im trying to find a good apartment any pointers?

Administrator answers:

Call an apartment locator in the area. It ALWAYS a free service. Never pay for an apartment locator. The apartment complex pays the locator a small fee if you move in.

Steven asks…

Anyone know any good places to find apartment ratings?

I already looked at and….Any other good places to look for a ratings?

Administrator answers:

The only other suggestion I have would be to check out local community blogs such as livejournal or the discussions on

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